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Two Monster Energy Yamahas on Bulgarian leader-board

Two Monster Energy Yamahas on Bulgarian leader-board

Monster Energy Yamaha’s David Philippaerts and Shaun Simpson took their YZ450FM motorcycles to positions inside the top ten of the Grand Prix of Bulgaria at a sunny Sevlievo circuit. 15,000 spectators came to the impressive venue that hosted the second stop of sixteen on the FIM Motocross World Championship schedule. Philippaerts posted results to claim 7th overall while Simpson was 9th at an event in which Steven Frossard was sidelined with a twisted knee.

Light showers and a slick track on Saturday were replaced by sunshine and a faster hard-pack terrain on Sunday. The layout saw many MX1 riders circulating at a similar pace on a course that was quick and didn’t pose too many technical difficulties despite the long uphill climbs and steep downhill descents and some rutty corners.

David Philippaerts rode strongly and consistently in the first moto of 35 minutes and 2 laps to record an encouraging fifth position. It was only the Italian’s third GP outing in eight months. Sadly the former world champion could not reach the same slot at the second time of asking as a crash after hitting a damp and watered area of the track put him at the back of the pack. ‘DP’ charged from last all the way to thirteenth, still an impressive feat and one that further proves Philippaerts is nearing past levels of performance.

Shaun Simpson was again regular with his speed and application in just his second Grand Prix with the YZ450F to record more points and maintain a steady trajectory. The Scot made a decent getaway in the first moto but lost some momentum in the middle of the race. Eleventh position was followed by a slightly better ride in the dusty conditions to ninth later on.

Steven Frossard was forced out of the Grand Prix after twisting his right knee during the qualification heat on Saturday. The Frenchman was found to have damaged his meniscus after scans that same evening and is set for an operation on Monday. The chances of his participation at Fermo for the Grand Prix of Italy – Philippaerts’ home event – and the third round of the series next weekend will then be determined.

David Philippaerts:

“Not much luck. I had a good race in the first and I am very happy. I felt fast on the track, was close to the other guys and was consistent with the lap-times. The track was not easy on my wrists with all the downhills but it was good. At the start of the second I got pushed wide on the first corner but came from twelfth to seventh on the first lap. After the big jump around the back of the circuit I hit a watered park of the track and lost the front. I picked up the bike and then just tried to make each lap a bit better than the one before. I think I was 32nd or something and came back to 13th so not so bad. I am really motivated…just unlucky today! Fermo next and it is two years that I’ve missed a home GP. I’m on the path back to the top after my injury and I’m happy with how it’s going so far.”

Shaun Simpson:

“I came here quite positive because I was fast here last year and the bike is much better now than the one I had so I knew I had some speed. I was looking for a good pace and lap-time and for some reason it didn’t really work out on Saturday. The track was a different story today it was harder, dustier and faster. I got a decent start in the first moto, in about eighth or ninth, and charged on to finish eleventh. It was a similar story to Valkenswaard in that I had a little dip in the middle. When you have guys like Leok and Karro behind you then it becomes tricky to get the flow. I needed to ‘go’ with someone in front of me. It was the same in the second moto and it’s something I need to work on. Overall it has been another solid and reasonably positive day for me. I want to keep up this consistency, as everyone knows you have to finish the motos to be up there at the end of the year so that’d what I am trying to do.”

2012 MX1-GP Bulgaria
Sevlievo 22/04/2012 20 Laps
race I
1 Christophe Pourcel Kawasaki FRA 39’09.159
2 Gautier Paulin Kawasaki FRA 0’05.667
3 Clement Desalle Suzuki BEL 0’07.718
4 Antonio Cairoli KTM ITA 0’08.467
5 David Philippaerts Yamaha ITA 0’20.631
6 Xavier Boog Kawasaki FRA 0’21.770
7 Ken De Dycker KTM BEL 0’36.027
8 Evgeny Bobryshev Honda RUS 0’44.249
9 Rui Goncalves Honda POR 0’44.410
10 Gregory Aranda Yamaha FRA 0’57.539
11 Shaun Simpson Yamaha GBR 1’01.820
12 Kevin Strijbos KTM BEL 1’04.228
13 Cedric Soubeyras Honda FRA 1’06.710
14 Tanel Leok Suzuki EST 1’07.600
15 Sébastien Pourcel Kawasaki FRA 1’22.297
race II
1 Gautier Paulin Kawasaki FRA 39’17.879
2 Christophe Pourcel Kawasaki FRA 0’02.247
3 Antonio Cairoli KTM ITA 0’23.189
4 Ken De Dycker KTM BEL 0’26.379
5 Evgeny Bobryshev Honda RUS 0’29.251
6 Sébastien Pourcel Kawasaki FRA 0’29.975
7 Xavier Boog Kawasaki FRA 0’31.978
8 Tanel Leok Suzuki EST 1’05.762
9 Shaun Simpson Yamaha GBR 1’07.483
10 Kevin Strijbos KTM BEL 1’08.192
11 Davide Guarneri KTM ITA 1’11.770
12 Jonathan Barragan Honda ESP 1’27.322
13 David Philippaerts Yamaha ITA 1’35.970
14 Cedric Soubeyras Honda FRA 1’46.591
15 Dean Ferris Kawasaki AUS 1’50.364
20 Herjan Brakke Yamaha NED -1Laps

MX1-GP World Standing
Rider Standings After Race 2 of 16
1. Antonio Cairoli KTM ITA 88
2. Gautier Paulin Kawasaki FRA 79
3. Clement Desalle Suzuki BEL 67
4. Ken De Dycker KTM BEL 63
5. Christophe Pourcel Kawasaki FRA 59
6. Kevin Strijbos KTM BEL 51
7. Xavier Boog Kawasaki FRA 49
8. Shaun Simpson Yamaha GBR 45
9. David Philippaerts Yamaha ITA 44
10. Tanel Leok Suzuki EST 42
11. Rui Goncalves Honda POR 41
12. Steven Frossard Yamaha FRA 40
13. Evgeny Bobryshev Honda RUS 38
14. Jonathan Barragan Honda ESP 26
15. Sébastien Pourcel Kawasaki FRA 24
16. Davide Guarneri KTM ITA 22
21. Gregory Aranda Yamaha FRA 11
24. Herjan Brakke Yamaha NED 6


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