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Monster Energy Gallery from Matterley Basin GP

Monster Energy Gallery from Matterley Basin GP

The Monster Army conquered four of the six podium places at the British Grand Prix and a buzzing thirteenth round of fifteen in the FIM Motocross World Championship. Matterley Basin was an instant hit with the majority of the globe’s fastest racers and a hefty gathering of 26, 500 fans – including Jackass’ Wee-Man – also lapped up some decent English weather at the meanest track seen on the GP calendar so far.

Making the second and third MX1 podium steps dirty were CLS Kawasaki Monster Energy Pro Circuit’s Christophe Pourcel and Monster Energy Yamaha’s Steven Frossard, while lifting silverware with the same positions in MX2 on the 250s was CLS’ Tommy Searle and Monster Energy Yamaha’a Gautier Paulin.

Pourcel and Frossard were hanging out in the top three all weekend long and went 1st-2nd in the first race. The former AMA SX champ grabbed pole on Saturday and was able to bank-on a second moto restart to run back to the paddock, get suited again and ride to third place after having originally crashed out. ‘Cri’ walked the box for the first time since leaving the GPs to chase his American dream in ’07 and in only his second serious Grand Prix attempt this season. Awesome MX1 rookie Frossard has now moved up to second spot in the MX1 series.

British GP wild-card Billy Mackenzie ran in third position for a long stretch of the first moto and gave the home fans something to go wild about. The Scotsman’s gnarly looking crash was the cause for the second race stoppage but he was able to leave hospital with nothing worse than a sore neck and head on Sunday night.

Also driving the crowd into a frenzy around the soft, bumpy and liney track was Searle. ‘Tommy-gun’ notched his ninth podium of the year and his aggressive, balls-on-the-line run to second place in the first moto sent huge cheers out around the Matterley ‘bowl’. “It was a great feeling,” he said. “I had to come back from twelfth and each time I made a pass I could hear them. At one point I had pins and needles; it was great to be a part of that.” Paulin also had to hit some ruts at speed in the second moto after a shocking start. The French talent made from almost last to fourth.

The end is drawing near for the Monster Army after thirteen hard-core races. Treks to Germany and Italy will finally again sort the men from the boys in the next three weeks before the bonanza Motocross of Nations on September 19th.


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