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Moffat takes two stroke honours at Whitby

Moffat takes two stroke honours at Whitby

Yet again we were treated to some fantastic racing in the two strokes with Open Expert leader Matt Moffat proving why he is top of the points table.

An ok start in race 1 puts Moffat in fourth place after the first lap with Carlton Husband taking the holeshot and pulling out an initial gap. Jim Davies is second with Stu Edmonds third. Edmonds and Moffat both pass Davies as they fly through the Red Bull arch. Moffat pushes his way past Edmonds and sets about hunting down Husband. Once he catches Husband, Moffat makes an aggressive but clean pass for the lead. Husband then kept him honest until the very end. In the second moto it’s again the Moffat and Edmonds show with Moffat edging out his rival by a mere 2.5 seconds and Husband finishing a distant third. With eyes on the overall Moffat rides a steady third moto, letting Edmonds clear off to take the win by a country mile….well about a minute anyway!


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