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Mel Pocock wins European Championship in France with double race victory

Mel Pocock wins European Championship in France with double race victory

Mel was more than happy with his win - Image by Ray Chuss

In what proved to be another supremely effective display, Mel Pocock managed to pull off the win in the second race for a clean sweep of the EMX2 class. But the British rider did not have it all his own way this time, and had to battle for the lead.
KTMs Dennis Ullrich got out in front to start with, closely followed by Maxime Despres and Mel Pocock.

The Kawasaki rider didn’t wait too long to pass Ullrich and soon after Pocock was through for second. Pocock continued to badger Despres all round the circuit, and the Maxime was having to protect the inside lines at every corner, noticeably taking different lines to those he used in Race 1. Behind him Ullrich was keeping up well and being tailed closely by the Suzuki of Jeremy Seewer.

But the Mel’s constant pressure paid off . Pulling nearly alongside the Kawasaki on the start straight, the two riders played inside / outside across the top of the second turn and down the following hill, with the French fans screaming for Despres to hold out. Mel however had different ideas and snatched the lead from right under their noses.

Despres maintained the pressure for a while and then went AWOL at the top part of the circuit, eventually emerging around 20th. From then on the race was Pocock’s for the taking as although Ullrich came back a little, he clearly did not have the strength or the speed to catch the storming No 119 and his challenge faded like the rain clouds above the circuit.
With 25 minutes and two laps done, Pocock crossed the finish line with a huge whip and a number 1 sign held high. Dennis Ullrich got second and Jeremy Seewer crossed the line in third.

Two emphatic wins, two mature performances, one overall and one happy rider!

**These results are wrong, Youthstream are looking at it**
Overall Result
1 119 Pocock, Mel GBR ACU Yamaha 25 18 43
2 55 Kras, Mike NED KNMV Suzuki 10 25 35
3 91 Seewer, Jeremy SUI FMS Suzuki 20 15 35
4 136 Olsen, Stefan Kjer DEN DMU Yamaha 18 14 32
5 18 De Waal, Micha – Boy NED KNMV Suzuki 9 22 31
6 151 Desprey, Maxime FRA FFM Kawasaki 22 9 31
7 149 Ullrich, Dennis GER DMSB KTM 13 16 29
8 243 Gajser, Tim SLO AMZS KTM 16 13 29
9 142 Paturel, Benoit FRA FFM Kawasaki 15 12 27
10 172 Van Doninck, Brent BEL FMB KTM 12 10 22


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