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Maxxis Henderson LPE Kawasaki Progress toward Podium at Foxhill

Maxxis Henderson LPE Kawasaki Progress toward Podium at Foxhill

The improving Krestinov - Image Rick Blyth

Sunday 24th July saw Maxxis Henderson LPE Kawasaki team roll into Foxhill for round 6 of the Maxxis ACU British Championship. The famous and historic venue had seen somewhat of a draught in recent weeks leaving the circuit in perfect condition after intensive watering.

Sunday’s action started with practice and qualification for both the MX2 and MX1 classes held in warm, sunny conditions. In the MX2 class Bryan Mackenzie posted a solid 8th fastest lap time to advance into super pole, whilst Connor Walkley finished the session in 28th place but due to the closeness of the lap times Connor was unlucky to miss out on a top 20 place. In super pole Bryan improved his lap time by over a second to improve his position to 7th place. In the MX1 qualifying Gert Krestinov posted a solid 10th position in a session that was interrupted due to an injured rider, but was able to improve to 6th in the super pole on a clear track.

The first MX2 race of the day saw Bryan make a top 10 start but quickly work his way up into 4th place at the end of the opening lap. Connor gated inside the top 20 and worked his way to 15th where he battled hard to maintain the position to the finish. Bryan ended the race in 4th place after a very lonely and distant race. Again in the second race Bryan suffered from a bad start and had to work hard to recover in the opening laps moving up into 7th place where he would remain for the majority of the race but eventually finishing in 5th. In race 2 Connor started better and was in 16th at the end of the opening lap and continued to work his way up to 12th place at the finish. The final MX2 race of the day would see both Connor and Bryan in and around the top 10 on the first lap, during the race Bryan suffered with the heat and could only advance as high as 6th place which gave him 4th overall on the day. Connor rode well to bring home his third top 15 finish of the day in 14th for 13th overall.

The first MX1 race of the day saw Gert suffer a bad start & then on the second corner a rider crashed in front Gert which held him up & left  him a lot of work to do, Gert worked hard to recover the places he’d lost , but struggled to get into a good rhythm and finished the race in 9th place. The second race of the day would see Gert suffer a terrible start but moved up to 16th by the end of the 1st lap and he continued to work hard picking off riders every lap. By mid race he was already up into 6th place and would eventually advance to 5th by the finish. Gert’s final race of the day would see him make one of his best starts of the season and get himself into the top 5 in the opening lap. At the end of the third lap Nathan Parker and Brad Anderson collided and both went down allowing Gert to move into 3rd, once in 3rd he quickly set about passing Alex Snow for 2nd and set about closing the gap on Martin Barr in 1st. Gert eventually ran out of time and finished only 4 seconds behind Martin Barr. Second position in the final race gave Gert sixth overall and just 3 points off the podium.

Foxhill also played host to the second round of the British Veteran’s Championship where Brian Wheeler set out trying to improve on his current championship position. The day started well with 3rd place in qualifying but crashes and mistakes would slow his progress in the races resulting in a 10th place finish in the first race and 7th in the second race. The results gave him 8th overall on the day and 3rd in the championship.

Connor Walkley

This weekend has been pretty good for me, I’ve had three top 15 finishes and that’s the best I’ve had in the Maxxis. I finished the day with 13th overall which I’m happy with but I also felt that I could be better. The bike and the team are working great at the moment and it’s been a good day for Bryan and Gert as well. I’m now looking forward to the next few races.

Bryan Mackenzie

Qualification was good with a 7th in the super pole, but I like this track so was hoping for a little better. The first race I got a good inside gate and moved into 4th early and had a lonely race. The second race I had a bad start but cut up the inside to make the best of a bad start. I rode well for a 5th place in that race. The last race I got another bad start but turned tight for a top 10 exit but I was feeling the heat, I wasn’t tried just couldn’t push on. So I finished 6th for 4th overall on the day.

Gert Krestinov

Qualification was ok for me but nothing special and finished in 6th which would give me a good gate. The first race I got a bad start and struggled for 9th so was disappointed with that. Then in the second race I got an even worse start but the front runners made mistakes and I finished in 5th. The last race was my best start of the season and I was able to get into 2nd early on and stayed put and I now have some more confidence for the next round at Duns.

Steve James

Today the racing has been fantastic, the track was well prepped & really fast, with most of the riders on similar lap times it makes for great racing for the paying public to watch, the chalky ground was very hard & polished in places, this track when dry really tests how good your tyres are & as always the Maxxis tyres worked very well .  All three riders have raced hard all day and I couldn’t ask for more. The meeting today has been hard on riders and machines, with a number of riders crashing & not finishing. Bryan has come away with 4th overall and is still 5th in the championship closing the gap a little on Mel Pocock. Connor rode well for 13th overall and is improving every week, this week we went testing with Connor & made some changes to his race bike giving him a bit more HP and it shows in his riding. In MX1 Gert didn’t start the day of well with 9th after some drama at the start, then in the second he rode a lot better for 5th. The final race he made a good start just inside the top ten and swiftly moved through the field into second place, Gert rode a very good race with consistent lap times throughout, finishing in second closing the leader down to just 4 seconds. Gert ended the day with 6th overall, with  only 3 points between 3rd and 6th so it was very close but he moved up from 6th in the Championship to 4th so I am really pleased with that and we will now go to the next round at Duns in Scotland looking for a  podium for both Bry & Gert.

MX1 Race 1: 1st Stephen Sword, 2nd Brad Anderson, 3rd Kristian Whatley, 4th Tom Church, 5th Nathan Parker, 6th Alex Snow, 7th Gordon Crockard, 8th Alfie Smith, 9th Gert Krestinov, 10th Martin Barr

MX1 Race 2: 1st Martin Barr, 2nd Nathan Parker, 3rd Alex Snow, 4th Brad Anderson, 5th Gert Krestinov, 6th Tom Church, 7th Gordon Crockard (Suzuki), 8th John May, 9th Josh Spinks, 10th Jamie Smith

MX1 Race 3: 1st Martin Barr, 2nd Gert Krestinov, 3rd Tom Church, 4th Alex Snow, 5th Gordon Crockard (Suzuki), 6th Brad Anderson, 7th Nathan Parker, 8th John May, 9th Jamie Smith, 10th Luke Benstead

MX1 Overall: 1st Barr, 2nd Anderson, 3rd Church, 4th Snow, 5th Parker, 6th Krestinov, 7th Crockard, 8th Smith, 9th Spinks, 10th May

MX1 Championship Standings: 1st Anderson (378), 2nd Whatley (311), 3rd Barr (308), 4th Krestinov (238), 5th Church (236), 6th Snow (230), 7th Sword (222), 8th Parker (220), 9th Dougan (194) 10th Crockard (156)

MX2 Race 1: Zach Osborne, 2nd Elliott Banks Browne, 3rd Jake Nicholls, 4th Bryan MacKenzie, 5th Arnaud Tonus, 6th Mel Pocock, 7th Mattis Karro, 8th Stuart Edmonds, 9th Neville Bradshaw, 10th Adam Chatfield, 15th Walkley

MX2 Race 2: 1st Arnaud Tonus, 2nd Elliott Banks Browne, 3rd Jake Nicholls, 4th Neville Bradshaw, 5th Bryan MacKenzie, 6th Mel Pocock, 7th Mattis Karro, 8th Stuart Edmonds, 9th Jordan Booker, 10th James Cottrell, 12th Walkley

MX2 Race 3: 1st Arnaud Tonus, 2nd Jake Nicholls, 3rd Elliott Banks Browne, 4th Neville Bradshaw, 5th Mattis Karro, 6th Bryan MacKenzie, 7th Stuart Edmonds, 8th Steven Clarke, 9th Mel Pocock, 10th James Cottrell, 14th Walkley

MX2 Overalll: 1st Tonus, 2nd Banks Browne, 3rd Nicholls, 4th Mackenzie, 5th Bradshaw, 6th Karro, 7th Pocock , 8th Edmonds 9th Booker, 10th Cottrell, 13th Walkley

MX2 Championship Standings: 1st Tonus (395), 2nd Banks Browne (331), 3rd Osborne (323), 4th Pocock (256), 5th MacKenzie (230), 6th Karro (192), 7th Nicholls (185), 8th Rowson (175), 9th Edmonds (159), 10th Clarke (154), 19th Walkley (65)


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