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LPE Double Podium at Desertmartin

LPE Double Podium at Desertmartin

This weekend the Maxxis Henderson LPE Kawasaki team moved onto Desertmartin for round 6 of the Red Bull Pro Nationals. With heavy rain in the lead up to the event the sandy Desertmartin Circuit was in perfect condition come race day.

The day started well with a strong showing in the morning qualifying session. With the lap time very close, with second place to sixth being covered by just half a second. At the end of the session both Gert Krestinov and Bryan Mackenzie finished in third place in the MX1 and MX2 classes. Also in the MX2 class Connor Walkley produced a strong lap time for 12th place.

After the lunch break it was time for the opening race of the day and both Gert and Bryan made strong starts and pushed on early in the race. Krestinov quickly moved into second place behind Martin Barr. As the race went on Krestinov slipped back to third place after losing out in a race long battle with Brad Anderson. In the MX2 class Mackenzie had a superb race long battle with Elliott Banks Browne and Mel Pocock. At the end of the moto Mackenzie would finish in third place. Walkley’s opening moto of the day would be a tough uphill struggle following a crash on the opening lap and having to recover to tenth place in MX2.

After the good results of the opening race Mackenzie and Krestinov were looking to repeat the overall podium results of Hawkstone. With good starts both Mackenzie and Krestinov battled together as they moved forward. Krestinov would go on to finish a solid fourth place in the MX1 class to take home third Overall on the day. For Mackenzie it was to be a long battle for the MX2 moto win, Mackenzie would eventually finish in second place and take home second overall on the day. Connor Walkley again suffered a bad start but he quickly regrouped to finish in another tenth place finish for a seventh overall on the day.

Bryan Mackenzie
After Hawkstone I was hoping go to one step better on the podium but another 2nd I can’t be too disappointed with. It was a tough day for me really as I wasn’t feeling myself on the bike for some bizarre reason. I pumped up in the first race because I was trying to pass while also trying to defend and it just tensed me up. The second race was going well until I had to
ditch my goggles after I used a whole film of roll-off and lost a couple of positions. But 2nd is okay however I was hoping for more.

Connor Walkley
This weekend has been pretty tough for me after crashing on first lap of first race and coming from back up to tenth and again in the second moto. I got a bad start and got roosted pretty bad in the very wet conditions but another top ten result and coming away with seventh overall I’m pretty pumped.

Gert Krestinov
This weekend went alright, in the first race I got a good start and was battling with Anderson for second place till the finish lane, I finished 3rd in that one. The second race wasn’t as good and I finished 4th, the rain came pouring down and I didn’t enjoy riding in the mud so much,. 3rd overall was a good result and I’m looking forward to the next round and finishing the season on a high.

Steve James
Today was another good day for the whole team and I am really happy with the results, everyone in the team worked hard all weekend and to get another podium in each class again with Gert MX1 and Bry MX2 plus young Connor’s 7th in MX2 made all the hard work worthwhile, We just need to keep the momentum going now and stay strong to the end of the season and finish the year off on a good note.

Images by Ian Roxburgh

Results Race 1 Mx1 1 Barr, 2 Anderson, 3 Krestinov, 4 Waterman, 5 Parker Mx2 1 Pocock, 2 Banks-Browne, 3 Mackenzie, 4 Bradshaw, 5 Carless, 6 Cottrell, 7 Edmonds, 8 Kelly, 9 Revelle, 10 Walkley, Race 2 MX1 1 Barr, 2 Anderson, 3 Parker, 4 Krestinov, 5 Crockard MX2 1 Pocock, 2 Mackenzie, 3 Banks-Browne, 4 Carless, 5 Clarke, 6 Moffat, 7 Edmonds, 8 Bradshaw, 9 Phillips, 10 Walkley Overall MX1 1 Barr, 2 Anderson, 3 Krestinov, 4 Parker, 5 Crockard MX2 1 Pocock, 2 Mackenzie, 3 Banks-Browne, 4 Carless, 5 Bradshaw, 6 Edmonds, 7 Walkley Championship MX1 1 Anderson 279, 2 Barr 228, 3 Krestinov 199, 4 Parker 187, 5 Whatley 132 MX2 1 Banks-Browne 269, 2 Pocock 245, 3 Mackenzie 213, 4 Bradshaw 178, 5 Edmonds 149, 6 Clarke 133, 7 Phillips 132, 8 Walkley 100


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