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The Lowdown from Masters of Dirt

The Lowdown from Masters of Dirt

As if we hadn’t seen enough dirt bike action at the weekend, the Moto team were back on the road within a few short days heading for Wembley Arena. The Masters of Dirt juggernauts had pulled into the venue for a two night only UK tour, taking in London and Manchestershire tonight. With Loud music, deafening pyros, scantily clad lovelies and FMX action, what’s not to love for a midweek night out? Here’s our favourite five from the evening.

1. Bilko goes Big. We don’t often get to see the huge names in global FMX in the UK, so it was a real treat to witness the insane skill and bike control of Australia’s finest export since Paul Hogan, Blake ‘Bilko’ Williams. The Aussie was the only rider of the six strong team rocking the four stroke, but man could he do some mad shizzle on the KTM250F. From hooge whips to the jaw dropping flip 360, Bilko was the man.

Bilko letting the crowd have some champagne spray

2. Birch Business. Flying the flag for the UK riders was the devastatingly cool and all round top chap Chris Birch. Chris was jeep things tight on the KTM stroker, pumping out big trick after big trick throughout the night. The crowd were right behind Birchy, especially when he was pulling off the scynchro moves with the other rider on the squad. He even had time to chat for ages to us in the pits, answering loads of questions we played hard hitting journo types! Also in the house and deserving a special mention was Jamie Squibb, come to support his FMX mates. Squibb had a sickeningly painful crash a few weeks back, so it’s good to see him up and about.

Chris Birch now bases himself in Spain

3. Fuel Girls. OK so even if no bikes had actually made it into the Arena for the evening, much of the audience would have been prepared to watch a couple of hours entertainment from the distractingly ‘easy on the eye’ Fuel girls. As you will doubtless agree from Chussy’s fine selection of images, the girls were looking hotter than their flaming torches, and they didn’t stop bumping and a ‘grinding to the DJ’s beats all night he did. There was fire breathing, tights singeing, booty shaking action from the central podium throughout the show, so if you happened to get a seat that had the view blocked by a landing ramp, you were a very unlucky ducky.

4. Pedal Power. Along with the FMX boys, there was a team of three BMX bandits on the Masters of Dirt payroll, and the boys were pulling off some very impressive jumps. Even more impressive was that to get the speed without a ramp, they were towed at full chap by one of the bikes before letting go of the rope and flying through the air. If we tried we know we’d fall off and nosedive into the ramp. Trick of the night had to be the inch perfect front flip from their top guy, completed with a nonchalant cool, but greeted with roars of approval from the crowd. Top work pedal boy!

5. Mad Men. Hey we can relate to all the two wheel action in this show, even if the pit bike section was a bit lame-ass, but the award for the ‘Balls of Steel’ goes to the loon on the skidoo / snow-bike / snow mobile or whatever they are called. If you’ve never seen one of these machines close up – they are frickin enormous. Just as an idea, if you pushed over a fridge freezer, strapped a tank track to one end, a set of skis to the other and some MX handlebars in the middle – that’s what we are talking about. If that weren’t scary enough, there’s a screaming 700cc two stroke engine powering the thing – mad a very big box of Frogs. To see the guy jumping this lump of machinery in the same way as the FMX bikes was just bonkers, and when he pulled off the back flip before slamming onto the landing ramp you just wanted to shout ‘ You’re a Mentalist’. Good work!

OK so that’s us done – a fine night out and more things to add to the list of ‘I’m never ever going to try that’. For those still to catch the action, you are in for a good night.

Words by Julian Challis
Images by Ray Chuss


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