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Long Weekend at Landrake

Long Weekend at Landrake

The long drive down to Landrake would see the Maxxis Henderson LPE Kawasaki squad compete in the second round of the 2011 Red Bull Pro National series, promoted by the MC Federation. The track suffered from a heavy overnight downpour of rain on the Saturday evening and the early hours of Sunday morning, which would leave the track in a very wet and muddy condition for the practice and qualification session.

Both riders and mechanics had to work hard before the start of the session to prepare for what was to be a very muddy qualifying session. The track was very muddy and with standing water on some sections conditions were going to be difficult. The session ended with disappointment with all three riders struggling to get a good lap time in, leaving Gert in 10th place in MX1 then Bryan in 5th place and Connor down in 20th spot in MX2.

Following the lunch break it was time to start racing with the first of two Pro National races. When the gate dropped it was Krestinov who rounded the first corner inside the top 5, meanwhile Bryan and Connor both struggling with the start. As the race settled down Gert slipped back a position and rode hard to finish in 6th place in MX1. For Bryan it was going to be a long race following the poor start meaning he had to battle all race long to finish in a strong 4th place in MX2. Connor rode a solid race in finish in 11th place MX2.

The second race of the day saw bad starts for both Gert and Bryan, while Connor made a great start inside the top 10 of both classes combined. Bryan suffered bad luck on the first jump when he was knocked off the track by another rider leaving him in last place and with a lot of work to do. Gert spent the duration of the race recovering from a bad start and a small crash to finish in 11th place. Connor’s strong start and strong ride put him in a good position for fifth place in MX2 at the end of moto which was a great result in only his third Pro race of the season. Bryan rode a strong race from dead last to recover to 10th place in the MX2 class.

Connor Walkley
This weekend has been one of the best weekend’s ever in my career. Since I’ve been coming back from my injury I haven’t really felt myself on the bike, but halfway through the opening moto I just seemed to find my groove. It really showed in the second moto of the day when I got a 5th place in MX2. I got a mega start and was inside the top 10 against the 450’s and rode a great race. I know I still have work to do but I hope the results continue from here.

Bryan Mackenzie
It’s been a real bad weekend, I qualified in 5th place but it was really muddy out there. The first race I got a terrible start, I’m not sure what the deal is at the moment but I’m not getting the jump so I had to work really hard and it was difficult to pass out there. I managed to get back to 4th place after a long moto. The second moto I got a better start but it was still pretty average, then on the first jump one of the 450 riders got it all wrong and knocked me off the side of the jump so I was dead last and nearly a lap down. I rode hard and got 10th but I need a break of luck soon.

Gert Krestinov
Really bad weekend I felt so bad out there in practice, I just couldn’t get on with the track being that muddy. The first race I got a good start and came away with 6th place so it was ok. The second race I had a poor start and then I made a mistake and crashed losing a lot of positions meaning that I finished down in 11th. I just want to forget this weekend and move onto the next and start getting things right and where I know I should be.

Steve James
The long 700+ miles round trip to Landrake and back is one that I’m glad we are only doing once this season, it’s been a long road trip, what with hold ups, traffic jams and having a blow out on one of the race trucks on the way down didn’t help! But hey that’s life. The racing today has been good considering the heavy downpour early in the morning which left the track very muddy. The track was in near perfect condition by the time of the opening race of the day. Bryan rode well and gained a strong 4th place in the first MX2 race with Connor coming home in 11th place which is great for Connor. Gert also produced a strong start and rode hard for 6th place in MX1. The second race didn’t go so well for Bryan and Gert with crashes. Bryan crashed early on the opening lap and Gert on the second lap, so both had to battle hard for their finishes on 11th for Gert and 10th for Bryan. But it was Connor who was the star in the last race, after starting inside the top 10 and then running well at the front to finish in fifth place in MX2. It’s great for Connor and for the team giving him 8th overall on the day, with Bryan a credible 5th overall in MX2 and Gert a damage limitation 8th overall in MX1.


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