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Lap of Hope BLOG: The Final Countdown

Lap of Hope BLOG: The Final Countdown

No it’s not a blog post about everyone’s favourite band Europe, more the fact that we are three weeks away from the big day.  So since my last blog post what has been happening? In a nutshell loads, we’ve had lots of our ‘planning meetings’ and as usual lots of phone calls between me and Justin on the run up to Lap of Hope we probably speak more to each other than our wives (that’s right ladies we are both taken!!)

Unfortunately I never made it to Canada Heights for the RBPN and looking at the weather it was a good call. I’m not going to Dunns this weekend but Justin will be there with a box full of flyers and stickers. We now have the flyers which look great they were printed by Chris down at Wye Valley Media and we got loads more stickers from our good friend at Moto-Shack Jim Scrafton.

Big thanks to Gavin Hookham at Red Eleven Creative for the art work as usual. I’ve just come back from the post office after dropping off lots of stickers and flyers for various people who are going to distribute them for us and some MX shops are going to put them in with their orders.

I’ve been harassing the pro riders via Twitter and Facebook and we have had some good responses from EBB, Alfie Smith, Alex Snow, Steven Lenoir, Graeme Irwin, Martin Barr, Mark Chamberlain with the Route77energy MVR-D boys and also looking good for the Dixon Bike It Cosworth Yamaha team to be down. Still more harassing need to be done so watch out the pros!

The big problem we have with a day like Lap of Hope when so much is based on the pro riders is that if they get an injury plans go out the window but we know a lot of them will be down signing autographs and being general good eggs.

What always makes it worthwhile getting the pros down is a young kid who was watching the pro riders session last year and he would say Wow Ando, Pocock, Nicholls, Barr, Whatley, he turned to his Dad and said ‘This is the best day of my life!” It makes all the long nights worth it when you hear that.

We’ve sorted out getting a Red Bull wigwam and the arch plus professional nutters Christian Stevenson and Tim Warwood will be in attendance, not only bringing their usual mayhem but also Christian will be bringing his new venture DJ BBQ…an yes it is exactly that a BBQ with a DJ!

Had a productive Skype meeting with the girls at Wings for Life we will be running a competition in conjunction with WFL to win a signed Kye Forte United bike an exact replica to the one that was won at the Empire of Dirt. We will be going all fancy and running this as a text competition so really hopeful this raises a shed full of cash.

Finally don’t take it for granted that we are full, we still have places available to ride and this is how we generate most of our money from the day so get on and book in here:–donate.
Keep on trucking!

Lee & Justin


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