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Lap of Hope BLOG: The countdown begins

Lap of Hope BLOG: The countdown begins

Hi All, it’s Lee here from Lap of Hope well you didn’t think it would be Justin did you it takes him all month to do his riding tips article for Moto Magazine. When we first teamed up with MOTO I rather foolishly asked if we could do a blog.

I wanted to let the people out there know what it is like organizing an event like this and the mixed emotions we go through. For the people that attend on the day it looks like we sort of know what we are doing and people just turn up however the stresses and strains that go into this are incredible.

So what have we been up to for the last couple of weeks? Firstly you will see that we have teamed up with MOTO Magazine as our official media partner. So what does that mean I hear you ask. Basically it means that we get to write articles like this, we get a lovely video and we get to speak to Ray Chuss and Amy Sparrow a lot! (ED – unlucky) :)

We are also running around organizing our annual trip to the RBPN at Canada Heights whereby I run round had out flyers and stickers and pester all the pros to come down and ride. Now the real hard work begins we are constantly wanting riders to book in and fill the groups up ASAP as that is one less stress then we need to start getting hold of signed shirts etc for the auction.

There are days where you doubt what you are doing and why you are doing it then all of a sudden an e-mail or a tweet come through that makes you think it’s all worthwhile. Last week I got a Facebook message from Lap of Hope supporter Pat Stott. Pat as many of you will know was left paralysed from a MX accident 3 years ago. Pat incidentally is up and walking and is one of the inspirations for us. Pat’s girlfriend Sian Brooks has volunteered to jump out of a plane for us and has already raised some much needed cash for Lap of Hope. After that I got another message from Rick Chapman, he and a mate want to jump out of a plane as well for Lap of Hope!

It’s moments like that that keep the spirits high when you are feeling sorry for yourself. Well we have a big week ahead, T-shirts to sort out, flyers to distribute and lots more begging, borrowing and pleading. Oh and we have a meeting tomorrow. The meetings between me and Justin are legendary we meet with good intentions and after an hour we realize that we resolved nothing apart from chatting about nonsense. Our business meetings take place when Justin has a long van drive or we are both walking our dogs!

Well that’s about it, as I write this the countdown clock on the Lap of Hope website tells me that there are 42 days 10 hours 48 mins and 38 seconds, 37, 36, 35….you get the picture! So to stop me having some sort of stress related illness get yourself booked in at–donate

So until next time, Lee & Justin

P.S. If you see me or Justin at any race meetings come and get your flyers and stickers off us.


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