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Knight VS Atherton - The big showdown

Knight VS Atherton - The big showdown

The photographer tried to hide but to no avail

Something big is stirring in Scotland and we don’t mean the Loch Ness monster. Sometime this week we will get to see the race of the year, possibly? As World downhill mountain bike king Gee Atherton will race arguably the best off-road motorcycle rider on the planet David Knight in a head to head race in Scotland – its all a bit James Bondish at the mo as all we can say is Moto is there hiding in the bushes to capture the action.

A fully fledged factory KTM with amazing suspension and a crazy dude in the saddle is going to be hard to beat even for Atherton, we’re not sure if its literally head to head or a timed downhill run but I’m sure you guys will be the first to find out as soon as we do. Keep your eyes peeled to our Twitter feed for more from Scotland.

Wrong bike David

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