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Five things you never knew - Nathan Watson

Five things you never knew - Nathan Watson

Lewis Lloyd

This weeks Five things you never knew is with 16 year old Nathan Watson who races the BYMX, Elite youth cup, and selected rounds of the Maxxis British Championship on his KTM.

Nathan Watson showed his true potentail at Lyng with a solid ride

Once I crashed in a race so I walked over to a bush and had a wee

When i was young, I used to have competitions with my brother at dunkerque to see who could put the most people on the floor

On a 150 BW at mallory practicing, someone complained, being deadly serious to the owner that i was too fast to ride there!

First time on a bike, got told to follow my brother Ryan around our track, he was showing off… lost control and went through a fence, I followed him through the fence thinking it was the track

I’ve never done any training for mx

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