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Matiss Karro injured in Sweden

Matiss Karro injured in Sweden

It is the sort of news one dreads to hear, much less to report on. Matiss Karro is a bouncing ball of goodwill and positive energy, and one of those people that every one wishes the best for. With a season that has definitely been on the up and up, the Latvian was looking forward to advancing his cause further at Uddevalla, Sweden, one of his favourite tracks.

The popular Latvian was lying in 16th position in the qualifying session when he went out for one last flying lap. He committed to jumping the blind step-sown, and unfortunately for him, a rider who had already completed his qualifying lap wandered onto the racing line, riding slowly. There was no way Matiss could avoid him, and he crashed heavily.

The reaction of the trackside medical personnel immediately indicated that this was a serious incident. Matiss was knocked out for close on ten minutes, and was stabilized and transported to the hospital. There a compression fracture of his T8 vertebra and severed concussion was diagnosed.

Matiss was still very groggy and out of sorts on Sunday. It is a testament to his popularity that messages of encouragement and support continue to pour in in a steady stream. He will undergo further tests later on and we will report on the prognosis as soon as more information becomes available.

Words by Tinus Nel


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