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Josh Hill the real deal

Josh Hill the real deal

I find one of the best ways to kick start your day especially when you’re suffering from the dreaded jet lag is to meet up with one of he best motocross riders on the planet and find out that the kid is as cool off the track as he is on it.


That’s exactly what we did yesterday in California, Josh Hill and his entire Yamaha team were testing before this weekend’s A3 Supercross at their secret test track near Temecula.

MOTO – You the final West Coast round at Anaheim tomorrow, how’s the week been?

“This week has been kind of the same, we’ve done the work already in the off season so I need to keep where I am and try to move forward with each race.”


MOTO – You can’t be that far away from a win?

“I’m not going to rush it if its not going to happen this weekend it’s not happen but I’m just going to make sure I’m on the podium every single weekend, that’s what I wanna do.”

MOTO – We watched you in Paris at the Bercy Supercross and your form is like 100% better, what has been the difference since then?

“I was hurting and hadn’t ridden in months; I rode for a couple of hours before leaving for France on James Stewarts 2010 YZ and then straight on a plane to Paris.


I had zero preparation for there I didn’t even know I was going until the Monday when I had a call asking if I want to come ride, I basically rode a stock bike in Bercy and I think I didn’t to bad considering.”

MOTO – It’s your last West Coast for a while is there a difference in how train for the East Coast rounds?

“You can’t really, if there’s a couple of places around with softer terrain I’ll try them but maybe I’ll fly out to Florida and stay with James if he lets me.”

MOTO – Are you good friends with James?

“Yeh James has let me stay at his house for the last couple of years, I think he’s flying out right now for A3 which is cool. James is a good guy to be around and he’s always said if I need anything give him a call.”


MOTO – Thanks for that dude have a good one at A3.

“No problem.”

Images and words by Ray Chuss


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