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Jakes Winning Ways

Jakes Winning Ways

The day dawned with blue sky and bright sunshine and almost 200 riders crammed into FatCats Motoparc on Sunday.  However by mid-afternoon a dark cloud gathered and the day ended with pouring rain.  However every credit must go to Martin and Neil at FatCats as the track held up fantastically well to completely different riding conditions – bone dry to wet, wet, wet!  The rain could not dampen the riders spirits and they carried on racing throughout to finish the day in style.

Out first went the Autos with another big line up.  Lewis Wood rode the sand like a demon to take first place with 1-1-2 placements.  Joel Rizzi chased hard and caught him in the last and took second overall placing 2-2-1.  Ellis Jones recovered well from a poor first race to take third overall, pulling back with 7-3-3 places.  Right behind him in fourth was consistently fast Connor Cartwright.

Out next went the Junior 65s and some great battling was seen.  Jake Winnard flew through the sand and earned the top spot taking 2-1-1 placements to take overall first.  Kurtis Griffiths won the first race but couldn’t get back up there to take overall second with 1-3-2 places.  Lewis Hall had a terrible first race but recovered well to take the points for third place overall, just ahead of Thomas Dodsworth.

Next out went the Small Wheel 85 group and Keenan Armstrong yet again dominated the field.  Armstrong looks unbeatable at the minute and took first place overall with maximum points from all three moto wins.  Joe Jacques chased hard all day and took second overall placing 2-2-2.  Third overall was Lewis Robinson, again consistently fast and he took 3-3-3 to take the last podium position,

Next out went the Big Wheel 85 group and Macauley Madden dominated the field with an impressive maximum points score to take overall first.  Ben Appleyard was the most consistent in the chasing pack and took second overall with 3-4-3.  Kurtis William recovered well after a shocking first race to take overall third.  Jack Naylor took fourth overall after a late start in the last moto saw him drop points scoring 2-3-12.

Next up went the Youth Open group and these were awesome to watch.  Tied on points for first place were Lewis Riley and Neil Roe.  Riley scored 3-1-1 and took the top spot by virtue of the last moto win.  Roe scored 1-2-2 so dropped to second, but both riders rode fantastically well in the tough conditions.  Zak Biggs was also mixing it with them scoring 2-3-3 to take overall third in front of Joe Trueman in fourth.

Next up went the Novices and they had their usual fun on the track.  James Wren was most consistent and took overall first scoring 3-2-3.  Anton Faulkes recovered well from a bad crash in the first race to take 7-1-2 places for overall second.  Ellis Russell had a blinding day taking places 2-4-5 to take his highest finish for the club in the dizzy heights of third overall.  Pete Swannack also recovered well from the first race to take fourth overall.

Last out went the Intermediate B group and Adam Brown was awesome to watch.  Brown took overall first scoring 1-3-1 in a very fast group.  Dean Hakes was also right at the front and scored scond place overall scoring 2-1-3.  Paul Keats chased hard and rode consistently well to take third overall with 4-2-2, earning the last podium position in front of David Durose in fourth.

The Experts had their usual 2 motos and with 2 x 25 minutes plus a lap races the riders gave the track the thumbs up for fitness training!  The standard was as always very high and Josh Spinks rode awesomely well to take overall first.  Even though in the second race his goggles broke Spinks took an excellent overall placing 1-2.  Second overall went to Jad Goodwin after some great riding saw him place 2-3.  Third overall went to James Lassu.  Lassu had a puncture in the first race, but the 450 saw him win the second and take overall third placing 5-1.

An excellent meeting despite variable tough conditions saw Team 90 complete the day at FatCats for the first time in two years.  Score 90 did their usual excellent job so every credit must go to Julie, Nic, Jodie & Andrea.  Squad 90 marshalls directed by Mick Sherriff and Eddymed also did a sterling job for the club & riders.  Trophies were given to top 10 in all groups, the Expert A top 5 shared a £300 cash pot and the top 10 Big Wheel 85 riders took home personalised phone decals from Motoshack.  All in all an outstanding meeting despite the torrential rain that followed!  Next meeting Sand Hutton on 26th June with the track open for practice on Saturday 25th June with extra prizes for the top 10 Junior 65 riders.


Autos:                          1. Lewis Wood                         2. Joel Rizzi

3. Ellis Jones                            4. Connor Cartwright

5. Oliver Johnson                    6. Jake Brooker

Jnr 65:                         1. Jake Winnard                      2. Kurtis Griffiths

3. Lewis Hall                            4. Thomas Dodsworth

5. Harvey Ward                       6. Brogan Johnson

SW 85:                         1. Keenan Armstrong              2. Joe Jacques

3. Lewis Robinson                   4. Josh Oates

5. Connor Fish                         6. Alex Needham

BW 85:                                    1. Macauley Madden              2. Ben Appleyard

3. Kurtis Williams                    4. Jack Naylor

5. Jake Biggs                           6. Sonnie Edwards

Youth 125:                   1. Lewis Riley                          2. Neil Roe

3. Zak Biggs                             4. Joe Trueman

5. Callum Whaling                  6. Curtis Henderson

Novice C:                     1. James Wren                                    2. Anton Faulkes

3. Ellis Russell                         4. Pete Swannack

5. Steve Colley                                    6. Richard Chapman

Inter B:                                    1. Adam Brown                       2. Dean Hakes

3. Paul Keats                           4. David Durose

5. Ryan Hampson                    6. Adam Campion

Expert A:                     1. Josh Spinks                          2. Jad Goodwin

3. James Lassu                                    4. James Nottingham

5. Michael MacDonald           6. Aaron Lowe


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