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Is Tommy Searle the key holder in who rides where in 2013?

Is Tommy Searle the key holder in who rides where in 2013?

Tommy holds the key of who will ride where in 2013

The silly season has started as the GP paddock in Latvia was full of who, what and where.

Here’s a breakdown of all the rumours so far, some being strong possibilities and some just hearsay.

If you look at it closely it all depends on Tommy Searle’s decision on where he wants to ride – Tommy holds the key without a doubt.

Tommy Searle still in talks with a few teams including Honda and Kawasaki, if he goes with Honda he’ll lose his Monster Energy deal as they have a no energy drink policy. And we know Tommy loves the whole Monster vibe.

Christophe Pourcel off to Jeff Ward Racing next season to race Supercross and outdoors? CP377 has just launched his own clothing brand so is this the right time to move to the USA?

Rui Goncalves off to Suzuki? Or is it Steven Frossard?

Is David Philippaerts moving on from Yamaha? But DP is still injured so no news as yet.

Shaun Simpson to stay at Yamaha on the Rinaldi 450.

Joel Roelants to Honda if they can’t sign Tommy but he may well stay at Kawasaki.

Max Anstie possibly looking for a ride back in the UK, Steve Dixon’s Yamaha team?

Jeremy Van Horebeek moves to the full factory 450 KTM with Ken De Dycker and TC222.

  1. charlie

    Tommy signed on with kawasaki earlier he announced it in his coloumn in moto earlier this year

  2. 2fast4u

    Roelants to Rinaldi Yamaha

    KTM posted in a PR that they wil have only 4 factory bikes in 2013, Tixier, Herlings, Cairoli and …. ?


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