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Injury update with Harry Bradley

Injury update with Harry Bradley

Lewis Lloyd

Last year Harry Bradley had a big get off thats put him out of action for over a year, we managed to get an update on how Harry’s injuries going and what his future plans are…

Harrys burnt neck - VERY SORE

”May last year I was racing at coventry. I won the first day and was second in the first moto on the second day. In the second moto I was in third and kurt shorter was infront of me. He cased a triple and I was right behind him and cleared it. His bike was upright and I landed and went straight into the back of it. The throttle was stuck on and I flew in between his wheel and exhaust. His bike then dropped to the floor with my head still stuck in between the wheel and exhaust. My sponsor (Mark Spencer) came running straight up to me and held my head away from the exhaust to stop it burning anymore while my dad stopped other riders from landing on me or going into me. I was stuck for about 2 minutes before while people were trying to pull me out from all over the place. My dad eventually span the wheel back and got me out. Straight away an air ambulance was called and I went straight to birmingham childrens hospital where I stayed for three night before I was sent home for a day before my operation.

After 4 days I eventually had my 5 hour skin graft taking the skin off my head and putting it on my neck I then stayed in hospital for another two days to recover. I’m still having surgery every six weeks to improve the scar but its looking good!

Now a year on I’m back 100% healthy and ready to go racing. I hope to come back better than ever but its going to take me a little while to get back full time. I am practising this year untill the new season and hope to race full time again next year. As always my football is still going well winning two cups last season and west brom and burton albion looking at me that’s also stopping me riding a little but I am going to as much as I can.
A big thanks to Mark and Natalie and bud racing uk, sutton mx honda, and all my family and friends for supporting me 100%!”

MOTO – it’s good to see you making real good progress Harry and we look forward to seeing you back out on track!

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