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Husky's 2010 plans

Husky's 2010 plans


The Team Husqvarna was one of the most successful MX3 teams in 2009.

Their rider Alex Salvini was fighting for the World Championship Title and finished second at the end. Martino Bianchi, the sport activity coordinator of Husqvarna told us some news and details for the season 2010.

Q: How will the 2010 Team Husqvarna look like?
A: The name of the team will be Team Husqvarna – Cross 2 R. The team manager will be Marcello Bivio, a person that is close to Husqvarna since 1993. Bivio managed and won World Championships with Husqvarna’s SuperMoto team with Eddy Seel and Gerald Delepine. Now he changed to motocross. He has a workshop in Varese and he is Husqvarna dealer since 1987. Andrea Bartolini, the former motocross World Champion is also a part of the team, her will be the riders and team advisor. Bartolini will follow all the races for the FIM MX3 World Championship and UEM EMX2 European Championship. And I am the sport activity coordinator for Husqvarna.

Q: This year you will have only one MX3 rider, why this decision?
A: Yes we will have only one factory MX3 rider. We took this decision because we want to concentrate more in EMX2 European Championship with two riders and one in MX3 World Championship. 250 cc market is more important for us so we want to grow in this segment.

Q: Who will be your riders?
A: Alex Salvini will be part of the MX3 World Championship. We want to win the title with him. We know that this is an important target but this year this will be important also because we will have a complete new bike in this class. With Italian Andrea Cervellin and Slovene Jernej Irt we want to win the EMX2 European Championship or finished in top 3 position. Both riders are strong and really motivated. They have the same speed right now so for me it is difficult to choose who will be the more important for us. They will start with the same potential. Then we also have 16 years old Latvian rider Roberts Justs, he will compete in the new 125cc Championship with our CR 125. We really believe in this Championship as we believe in 2 stroke for off road competition. Justs is a very talented rider, motivated and strong as well. All riders will also compete in four races of the Italian Championship Assoluti D’Italia. Irt will race some selected ADAC Master German Champion ship races, Cervellin the Italian Championship and some Swiss races, Justs will also race in Holland and Latvia.

Q: What will be your goals, do you think the team will be stronger than it was in 2009?
A: The goal is to win the FIM MX3 World Championship and UEM EMX2 European Championship. The team is stronger, for sure!

Q: Can you tell something about bikes?
A: We did many tests so far. We have many new things ready for the season beginning in Portugal. You will see…

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