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Hucks tips - Tight nuts!

Hucks tips - Tight nuts!

When you buy a new bike or fit new parts to it you need to keep a check on your nuts and bolts. One of the most important is the sprocket bolts. You need to add this to your check list in between races as they can come lose after one moto. If they do come lose and you ride with them like this they will elongate the holes and they will always come lose forever even if you use lock tight. They can also take big chunks out of your swinging arm. So keep your nuts tight.

Don’t forget Huck’s track at Leigh Delamare Practice is open every Thursday from 3m till 7pm, £20 per rider, two groups only autos to BW85 and 125cc to open adult.
Always call to check weather 07789992184, also see
Directions – Leave M4 at Junction 17, head south towards Chippenham, turn right at traffic lights, continue about 5 miles through village until you come to the entrance to the track on the right. If you go back over the motorway you have gone too far.


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