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Hucks tips - RIDE HEIGHT

Hucks tips - RIDE HEIGHT


On your front forks near the top are three little lines or rings around the top. These lines are your ride height for sand or hard pack riding.

If you are riding really hard ground then you need to make the front of the bike lower so it will turn easier. You can do this by undoing your clamps that hold the forks in and move them through so the top of the clamp is on the third line with the other two lines showing. This will put more weight on the front end of the bike making it easier to turn.

If you ride deep sand like Dunkirk then you need to drop the front forks back through so the top clamp is level with the first line and you can not see any other lines. This will make the bike higher on the front and stop the front wheel from tucking and digging in the sand around the corners.

Don’t forget Hucklebridge events are running the next round of the BYMX at Cusses’ Gorse on the 18th/19th July.

Entries available from the ACU and you can also come to watch with lots of family entertainment throughout the weekend – MORE INFO HERE.


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