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No more Honest International

No more Honest International

Bad news for European youth riders as the hugely successful Honest International which has been going since 1983 will be no more – sad times and good luck to Herman and his hard working team.

Herman Hoff the event promoter explains the reasons why.

After much deliberation, I have come to the conclusion that it is time to stop organizing the Honest International Youth Motocross. I have been promotor of this event since 1983 (first as a speaker and then as supervisor from 1990) and actually, very soon after that this event became a victim of its own success.

Having said so, as godfather of the event i can not regret it, because approach proved to be the right one and all the energy I’ve put in to this event made others awake, and later in the nineties we were blessed with races for youngsters like in the ADAC and the UEM, proven that my idea about international races was a good one.

In 1979 in Vught, partly on the instigation of the British Peter Wraith (former Technical Officer of the ACU) and Jan Martens at that time secretary of the NMB / KNMV MX Youth, a first exchange started between Great Britain and the Netherlands, which was the beginning of the later Honest International Youth.

The idea hit and already in 1983 during the event at Trentham Gardens in the United Kingdom, there were participants from 10 different countries including the USA.

In the early nineties the Swedes came off in large numbers, due to the hard work of my good friend Kent Sjöstrand from Tomelilla and colored the Honest International more European than ever.

In that year the FIM started with a 125cc European Championship and especially when the borders behind the iron curtain was lifted, they succeed in continuing later with the UEM for the European championship in the 125, and a moment later with in the 85cc

Afterwards, when the Dutch Championships in the 85cc went open and also at the ADAC Internationals were welcome, it naturally resulted in fewer riders participating in events like ours, which is a one event per year.

Recently in Treviso (Italy) the UEM Congress has decided as an experiment to have the European Championship motocross 65cc and 85cc into regional zones. The proposal comes from promoter Youthstream and i can say that i welcome it very much, as it cut down a lot on travel costs.

Already last year we have noticed that in our the event there have been less riders than before, so in consultation with the Marum motorcycle club and the jury president (for the KNMV) Esse Anneveld we decided that our event for the first time should be open for the 65 cc, knowing that otherwise we would get not enough riders for a good event.

However, this year the turnout from riders (in particularly from Sweden and the UK was far below expectations and because of that I dare not to give the event to an organizer, knowing in advance, that it will be down in participants.

For that reason i stop promoting and organizing the HIY.

I hereby express my gratitude to all those who have helped me in organizing the Honest International Youth over the years.

On the risk that i forget to mention somebody, i like to thank in general:

van der Haar Gevelrenovatie Nijkerk (Cup sponsor)

Jopa Racing Products Enter

Delta Braking Products

Motoair Air-Filters

BO Motor Oil

Powerplus Tools

Hydro Wear Protective Clothing

Reiger Shocks.

Gebben Motors.

The Organizers:

SMK Kristianstad in Sweden (4 times organizer)

TCD Hummelo (2 times organizer)

MSV NOV Heerde.

MSV Moto Drome Emmen.

MACl Lichtenvoorde.

MCMO Marum.

I also (in unparticular order) am very much indebted to:

Esse Anne Field (long-term Jury President).

Thijs Weelink (years long my right-hand).

Francis and Gert Schoot (for all their help).

Martin de Graaf (UEM Vice President)

Kent Sjöstrand (Sweden Tomelilla MK).

Jörgen Larsson and the staff of SMK Kristianstad Sweden.

The Office of the DMU and their whole staff

Jens Steffensen (DMU).

Erling Christiansen (UEM).

Peter Hansen (UEM).

Andrew Russell (President of the SACU).

Gerard Cramer. MSV Emmen.

Jan Steegink KNMV.

Jan Klein Brinke KNMV

Rinze KNMV Bremmer.

Sake Lemstra (former Dutch Champion).

Jonas Hagren (Race MC Magazine Sweden).

Gunhild Klingsheim Norway.

Hans Stolk.

Stuart Flockhart Scotland.


Herman E Hoff


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