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Homeward bound for Zach Osborne

Homeward bound for Zach Osborne

After finishing third at this weekends Oakland Supercross Zach is now heading back to Europe for the start of the World motocross championship.

Bad news for the fans here in the USA, Yamaha Racing and his sponsors as the Monster Energy Yamaha rider finds himself leaving the series in third place overall.

“I’m really happy and I think all of this is going to be good for my GP program,” he said. “We put a lot of work into suspension. We have a really good setting and I think the bike is really good. I feel super comfortable on it and I can’t thank those guys enough for putting in a lot of time and effort and making it happen for me, too.”

We spoke with Steve Dixon during the day at Oakland and he’s so pleased for the Zach and the entire team on what he has achieved in the USA.

Image by Ray Chuss


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