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Highs and lows for Swanie at Thunder Valley

Highs and lows for Swanie at Thunder Valley

Star Racing Yamaha’s Gareth Swanepoel headed to Thunder Valley Colorado this past weekend for Round 5 of the AMA National Motocross Championship.

As the gate dropped for Moto 1 Swanepoel grabbed great jump and screamed his Yamaha YZ250F up into the opening turns within the leading group. As the riders settled into position Swanie sat in 6th and was looking good on the rough and rutted, hillside circuit. As the laps ticked by the 387 machine of Swanepoel was progressing well as he moved up into 5th position, but was later relegated back to 6th by Tomac. Racing hard to the end Swanepoel crossed the line to finish moto 1 in a respectable 6th position.

Moto 2 would see another good jump out the gate for the South African, but heading through turn 2 Swanie went down hard, getting run over by other riders. With the entire pack gone into the distance a dejected Swanepoel got going, setting chase. Swanie was soon into a good rhythm, and by posting the same lap times as the top 5 riders he caught the field and soon started moving through. Lap after lap Swanie did what he could and by the end of the race he crossed the line in 21st position. With his solid result in race one this gave Swanie 14th overall.

Gareth Swanepoel: “Moto 1 was a good start, and I felt like I rode well. For sure the bikes all struggle around here at altitude, but for myself I felt strong and enjoyed the race and the circuit. Moto 2 was just unlucky, I went down hard and by the time I got up I must have been last by 30 seconds! I thought well I am just gonna race hard and gain more testing on the bike, but actually my lap times were fast and I managed to get well into the pack by the finish. Next weekend we head to Red Bud, I have never ridden there, but look forward to it non the less, I feel good and the bike is great so once again I am going to give it my all.”

After a little physio this week Swanepoel will head to the next round, which is at Red Bud this coming Saturday.


Thunder Valley Overall

1. Blake Baggett
2. Dean Wilson
3. Eli Tomac
4. Darryn Durham
5. Tyla Rattray
6. Ryan Sipes
7. Malcolm Stewart
8. Travis Baker
9. Justin Barcia
10. Alex Martin

14. Gareth Swanepoel

Points Standings

1. Dean Wilson
2. Tyla Rattray
3. Blake Baggett
4. Eli Tomac
5. Justin Barcia
6. Kyle Cunningham
7. Broc Tickle
8. Gareth Swanepoel
9. Darryn Durham
10. Cole Seely


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