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High Fives with Swedish motocross photographer Caroline Joelsson

High Fives with Swedish motocross photographer Caroline Joelsson

AKA MX Carro

Caroline Joelsson is a 21 year-old motocross photographer living in the West coast of Sweden. Over the past year she has been traveling around the world, following many motocross races, capturing breath taking photos that have been enjoyed by the rapidly growing number of motocross and ‘MX Carro’ fans.

When did you first become interest in motocross photography?
“Uhmm I went with my dad to the track when he rode for fun. I borrowed his small digital camera and it was kinda fun to take photos and MX-riders love photos of themselves.. I tried out my friends camera and then I decided that I’m going to save my cash to buy my own camera! And so I did. Later on, riders and magazines ordered my pics, so I switched over to be serious.”

What would you consider as your big break through as a photographer?
“Hmm… How I got through as a photographer… It was by a magazine in Sweden, who liked my pics and also needed them, I shot some that they missed at races and so on.. The main thing was… That magazine and also riders/friends/teams/papers wanted my photos kinda quickly after that I started to take them!”

Do you work for any magazines etc.?
“I Work for Sweden’s biggest off road paper, biggest media news in MX and I have the biggest photo site (MX/FMX/MX) in Sweden and in Nordic. I  also work for Norwegian and German media.  And in between that: freelance stuff also. Mostly for myself and then having people/papers/teams/riders contacting me.”

How do you feel as a well known female motocross photographer in a male dominating world?
“Of course it’s hard sometimes… I’m pretty young compared to the other photographers at the track and also being a girl makes it hard in that point of people are having stereotypes in their mind about which people should be where.. “A blonde with blue eyes doesn’t belong here” is something someone said. Or “No, you don’t know anything about motocross or how taking photos works at all, you can’t be here”. Some people can be really mean but it happens to everyone in the sport industry just in different ways! but otherwise, I think it’s no problem at all. I always try to solve it even before I see it as a problem!”

What is your aim/What do you want to achieve as a photographer?
“Oh… Though one! I think I’ve reached all of my goals. Of course I want to push the limits even more! I want to travel around more and shoot. Right now I’m having a day job as a photographer for a online store;, monday-friday 40h/week at least, and then with my own stuff and that time is used to shoot/edit/fix n trix with my own stuff. Many hours but it’s really fun. I might go over to America next year and shoot if I feel like it, but right now; I’m kinda into Europe. Especially north, because I’m based in Sweden!”

Follow Caronline’s journey by checking out her website and by following her on Instagram and Twitter too!

Questions by Monika Parnarauskaite
Photos by Caroline Joelsson


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