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High Fives with Sid Evans

High Fives with Sid Evans

Lewis Lloyd

Small wheel rider Sid Evans managed to take first overall the weekend at Landrake for the Red Bull Pro Nationals. We caught with the flying KTM rider to how his weekend went.

MOTO – How did your weekend go then Sid?
“This weekend went really good at Landrake, it was an awesome event. I won 3 out of my 5 races and second in the others so it was a good weekend for me”.

MOTO – Did you like the Landrake track?
“Yeah I liked it, and the track was prepped to rut up and it definitely did which made it a better surface to race on.”

MOTO – What’s it like riding on the same day as the pro’s?
“Watching and riding with pro’s is really cool and it makes the track more interesting as the day goes on. It changes a lot.”

MOTO – So overall a good weekend then?
“Overall I’m happy with the way I rode and I can’t wait for the next round at Whitby”.

MOTO – Good luck with that dude.


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