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High Fives with Mel Pocock – Beware the Ginger rocket is angry!

High Fives with Mel Pocock – Beware the Ginger rocket is angry!

In 2009 Mel Pocock come of age performing well at GP level and finally taking the overall victory at a Maxxis British championship at the final round in Landrake, Cornwall. So is 2010 going to follow suit and push him to more wins – time will tell but with the amount of effort Mel puts in there isn’t any reason why not.

Staying ahead of Roczen and a who is the guy in the background? Somebody you all know.
Staying ahead of Roczen and a who is the guy in the background? Somebody you all know.

MOTO – The season hasn’t been to kind so far. Before the season started we had you down as one of the title contenders, what’s gone wrong so far?

“There’s been a few things, mostly down to my very bad starts and my anger on the bike, if I have a bad start I’m back pack and my anger makes me want to get to the front as fast as possible so I get impatient on my passes, that then leads to me crashing, so I’m trying to learn to control myself and of course work on my starts, but I believe in myself to make it right.”

MOTO – Have the tracks made it hard work or was it just bad luck in both rounds of the Maxxis?

“Yes the tracks have been hard work but that’s motocross. It is hard and I believe that you make your own luck. I have just been having bad starts; I’m going to put this right, you haven’t seen the best of Ginge yet!”

MOTO – Good work! The bikes are obviously super quick, are they different to a normal Yamaha especially with all the Cosworth engine bits inside?

“Yes they are different to ride, they rev up unbelievably quick, so I have had to adapt my riding style to ride in lower part of the revs. I’d love to be able to ride a bike like Ken Roczen.”

MOTO – If we all rode like Roczen life would be easy, you’re doing fine dude. I know Zach went to the USA over the winter months, did you go?

“No I didn’t go to UAS once this winter, I had a bit of a slow start with the winter training as I had an operation on my knee, I had to have my ligaments reconstructed so I went to Spain on a training camp, it was kind of cold and wet there as well for a few weeks so I’ am used to the weather. Thanks to Ben Popperwell for putting up with me down there, he’s the man!”

Aggressive style is Mel all over!
Aggressive style is Mel all over!

MOTO – Yes Ben is a good guy and not a bad mechanic for sure. You head to Bulgaria next week for the first round of the worlds, what is your plan in the coming week, plenty of bike time or do you rest from a certain day?

“Yes Bulgaria here I come! I always ride my bike a lot. I’m flying out there Thursday morning before the start of the GP on Thursday.”

MOTO – Superstar. Is the track in Bulgaria one you like?

“Yes I do like the track there. It will be the third time riding that track for me and I hope they prep it good and the weather is nice, it will make some good racing for you watch on TV.”

MOTO – I might see you there if you’re lucky ha-ha. How do you switch training routines between the Maxxis which are 20 mins races and worlds which are 40mins?

“I don’t really switch my training about, I always try to train for the longer races I do, so the shorter ones should become easier, as there more of a sprint.”

MOTO – You obviously have a goal for the world championship; do you see yourself dropping into the top 12 more regularly?

“Yeah of course I do, that was a dream race I had last year everything went my way, but I have enough confidence and belief to get myself there.”

MOTO – We reckon you can. You have a number of brothers who race including Brad, where do the others race?

“Yeah that’s right a number! Brad races MXY2, BYMX and Elite. My younger brother’s Maff and Brett race the Elite and BYMX and I’d like to say well done to Brad for winning the first round of MXY2 at Mallory Park last weekend, I was pumped for him.”

Remember the number he's serious
Remember the number he's serious

MOTO – Brotherly love nice! So in 5 years time we could have 4 brothers racing in the British championship and all fighting to beat you?

“Yes of course!”

MOTO – Thanks for that Mel have a good week and kick some butt in Bulgaria, we’re all rooting for you.”


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