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High Fives with Jason Dougan – Back and having fun!

High Fives with Jason Dougan – Back and having fun!

In November last year we received some PR from the Jason Dougan that he may not race in 2010 after failing to find backing for the up-coming season. A few months later Doogie’s back racing for Cosworth Yamaha on the all new 450. Jason took the decision not to race GP’s this year and concentrate his efforts in the UK and up to now things are pretty cool. Jason is currently 4th in the British championship and 3rd the Red Bull Pro Nationals. We caught up with the Portsmouth rider to see if things are as good as they look.

Dougan has a great style – supersmooth

MOTO – You seem quiet this year, sort of ticking along and getting on with the job, do you see it that way?
“Yeah I guess so… Nothing has really changed though; I’ve always tried to keep myself to myself really. Maybe it just seems that way because I’m not doing GP’s this year.”

MOTO – Good point. Do you miss GP’s and do you see yourself back there in the future?
“I can honestly say I don’t miss them. I’m enjoying what I’m doing and I don’t feel I’ve lost any speed. I would do them again, if I was offered a deal too.”


MOTO – Your ride at Duns was impressive, did you see it that way or were you pissed as you missed out on a podium place?
“I was happy, I didn’t ride any different than I have done in the other races, and the difference was I got out the gate in all 3 races. To not get on the podium was a bit of a bummer, but it didn’t bother me too much as I was happy enough with how I rode.”

It was a shame the crowd decided to exit Duns early as the final MX1 race was damn hot!

MOTO – When you announced you were retiring late last year we were shocked as you’re still young and with a lot more wins in your armoury, was it one of those spur of moment type things like we all get or were you really just fed up?
“I wasn’t gonna retire, I think it was blown out the water a bit. I was fed up, didn’t really feel like I was getting anywhere and wasn’t enjoying it! I’m loving it again now, and I’m happy so it all good.”

A GP sandwich as Dougan is chased by Coppins and Dougan chase Church.

MOTO – Good to hear. Going back to the team, what’s the difference in your ride to say Zach’s?
“It’s the same really, except I have a private sponsor, Phoenix Tools. And I wear different kit. It’s good to be a bit different though.”

MOTO – Talking of different a lot of teams don’t touch their 450 that much, what changes do you like to do to the 450 which suits your style of riding?
“My bike until the weekend was pretty much completely stock, I didn’t want anything done to it as the thing is so fast out the crate! I now use Ohlin’s suspension and have a different map in the ignition, apart from the usual bars and pipe change that’s it.”


MOTO – The last race at Duns was pretty impressive with you, Josh and Brad battling it out, what was going through you head at the time, was this race the turning point of the season for you?
“Yeah it felt good, but I think that’s where I should be every weekend. It was a hard day as everyone was so close, but it made for good racing and some of the most enjoyable racing I’ve had in a long time.”

Ripping off tears mid flight looks so easy…

MOTO – It was that good I think I took around 30 pictures all race as I didn’t want to miss anything. One last thing how did you manage to get your truck stuck in the dirt at Duns?
“That’ll be courtesy of my dad’s crap driving… Probably the only person I know that can get a camper stuck in a dry field! Ha-ha

MOTO – Thanks for that Jason and keep enjoying your racing.

Interview and images by Ray Chuss



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