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High Fives with James Dunn European 125 Championship Contender

High Fives with James Dunn European 125 Championship Contender

We caught up James Dunn after his races in Bulgaria this weekend where the young HM Plant KTM Brit raced the first round of the European 125 championship. James had a mishap in race 1 but race 2 was a different story with a strong third position.

MOTO – Jimbo well done on the weekend. Racing the Euros this weekend here in Bulgaria, was it faster than you thought?
“No, I always knew it was going to be a tough year again as everyone is so fast!”

Whats the plan for the rest of the championship, doing it all or selected races?
“I plan do do all the 125 European rounds and if everything is going well with the 250 then I will hopefully do some of the EMX250 European rounds as well.”

Nice one. I know you guys like to drive but surely not all the way to Bulgaria?
“Yea it’s always nice to have the camper at the races but Bulgaria is a bit to far so we flew out with the bike in 5 suitcases like last year! We have it sussed now! Haha”

Good work. Round 1 of the Red Bull this weekend in Landrake, preparation this week is?
“Unfortunately I won’t be at the Red Bull at the weekend as the second round of the 125 Europeans is In Italy at Fermo so I’ll be racing there instead!

Cool. Going back to GP’s is it something you’re aiming for for the future or have you other plans?
“Yea if everything is going well and I’m happy then I’d love to race the GP’s, hopefully in the next couple of years!”

Goodluck in Italy

Image by Ray Chuss


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