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High Fives with Brad Anderson

High Fives with Brad Anderson

We caught up with Britain’s number one MX1 rider Brad Anderson after his triple race win in Desertmartin. Brad now leads the Maxxis British MX1 championship by 32 points from the chasing Kristian Whatley.

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MOTO – A great weekend at Desertmartin, according to your Dad the best since you were 8 years old?

“Yes the best at Desertmartin since I was 8, its never been that successful for me in here.”

MOTO – Apart from your normal love of winning races this one seemed a little more sweet, why do you think that was?

“Because it was my first triple win this year and I didnt expect it on this track.”

MOTO – Martin Barr had a huge amount of support, could you see and hear them as you were catching him?

“Yes he had loads had his fans here, I could see all of them, he must have been pumped. I hope I get the same support at Duns my local track in Scotland.”

MOTO – I’m sure you will Bradders. With Swordy crashing out in moto 2, did you see what happened?

“I passed Swordy before he came off he must have been pushing to hard to keep with me.”

MOTO – You now have quite a big points advantage over the rest of the chasing pack, how does that feel going into the final few rounds of the Maxxis championship?

“Its been a confidence boost, I just have to be consistent and do nothing stupid.”

MOTO – Whats next for Ando this month?

“Another busy month, I’ve got Milton Malsor for the British Masters then hopefully the German GP if I get a entry.”

MOTO – I’m sure the current leading MX1 rider in the British championship can get an entry. Its probably too early to talk about the Nations but we’re going to ask you anyway, you’ve got to be in the running for that MX1 or open place have you heard anything from Steve Dixon?

“I haven’t heard anything off Steve but hopefuly he will talk to me soon about the MXoN and I hope I get the shout for it, it would be mint again to ride for my country.”

MOTO – To true Brad…see you at the races.

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