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Have you noticed? MOTO has had an update!

Have you noticed? MOTO has had an update!

Hopefully some of you have noticed a few changes to the ever growing MOTO website. Everything happened last Friday which was a great day to do it so we could test it properly over the weekend and it went pretty smoothly.

So what’s changed?

Firstly the speed of page load has increased dramatically which was what we were hoping for so it makes for quicker browsing for everyone, then we have the new funky gallery section which means more pics at full screen size which was something we were after for a while.

For mobile users of MOTO that’s just got a whole lot better as we now have a mobile friendly version which a lot of people were asking for. Go check it out and tell us what you think. And you can also watch all our MOTO videos on your phone or iPad.

If your a Facebook, Twitter or Google+ user then MOTO has become a great social experience for all, as you can now Tweet or Facebook comment each of our articles straight to your social network profiles. If you like an article please click “LIKE” or do the same with a tweet. You can even rate it with 5* rating if you so please. And we would like you to comment as much as possible with anything relevant to the article that you’re reading, you may want ask a question or leave something that you want to tell the world about but feel free to get involved.

MOTO’s Online Digital Editor Ray Chuss explained, “the new site changes are great and will push MOTO forward as one of the leading off-road websites in our sport, certainly in Europe. It’s all about ease of use and enjoyment for all users of the site, and the development continues with other site updates coming very shortly, so stay tuned.”

Please feel free to email Ray if you have any feedback on the new site improvements.


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