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Harry Wichman rips to a solid overall victory at Coventry JMXC

Harry Wichman rips to a solid overall victory at Coventry JMXC

Coventry Junior Motox Club’s first annual charity event in memory of Dave George a much loved chairman and L&S racing spares van was held in aid of Warwick myton hospice and cancer research on 19th and 20th may at GT national track stratford.

Thomas Hambridge started the ball rolling with obtaining sponsorship, donations and organising the event aided by his parents and the committee of CJMX.
Present throughout the weekendwere the family of dave, Wife Jackie, Son Simon and Daughter Leanne and their partners and a large amount of family and friends.
On the saturday the Monster Energy truck turned up to give out free cans of monster and also some stickers which the young riders loved.
CJMX would also like to thank all the sponsors that made the weekend one to remember and to everyone who came.

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First to hit the track were the Open Class Dyer&Butler team rider Josh Waterman showed his intent battling well with josh spinks who rode superb. Waterman got 1-1-1 with Spinks getting 2-2-2 on the saturday. Matt Porter also rode well getting third on the day.

Next off the line were the Seniors Tom Kennedy was in top spot with dominating by getting all race wins ahead of Kurtis Williams who rode extremely well throughout all three races with Jack Waterman following closely who had 3 great races, Dan Whitehead in fourth.

In the big wheels Oli Benton grabbed all three race wins with his excellent riding with mitch warhurst battling ahead of Thomas Brown.

Harry Wichman was on a mission and took the first two race wins on the saturday, Matt Brame was battling for second place with Adam Hill who took the last flag and JC Verdugo taking third in the small wheels.

Shane Holmes and Aaron Jenner battled it out for first place in the AMX shane managed to get 1-4-1 and Aaron got 5-1-2. in third place was Full Flight Kestrel Honda Rider Chuck Davies who rode awesome throughout the races.

Auto rider Harvey Game claimed top spot with 1-11-1, Tyler Etheridge grabbed himself second with Riley Harrison taking third.

in the juniors Aaron Patstone rode consistent throughout all races battling with Harrison Arnold for first place Harrison managed to grab the first flag with Aaron taking the last two wins of the day. Dylan Woodhall finished the day with third.

Day Two of the charity event the riders woke up to a well prepared track in superb condition.
Open Class were on the track first Josh Spinks managed to get himself 1-2-1 on day two with Josh Waterman getting 2-1-2 and Matt Porter got 3rd overall.

Day two for the seniors Tom Kennedy was on top form followed closely by Kurtis Williams who rode out standing both days with Jack Waterman in third.

Oli Benton grabbed himself 1-7-2 on day two with Mitch Warhurst taking 3-2-1 and Thomas Brown taking last spot on the podium and 4th place went to Reece Wain who rode really good as well.

In the Small wheels Harry Wichman dominated with 3 out of 3 wins on the Sunday ahead of JC Verdugo and Matt Brame battling for second, 4th place ben kind rode extremely well too.

Aaron Jenner took 2 out of 3 wins on the sunday with shane holmes taking the first win and got second in the second and third race. Chuck Davies rode fantasticall weekend and managed to get himself 3rd overall.

All the Autos rode superb the top three were Harvey Game who got first, Tyler Etheridge in second and Riley Harrison grabbing third overall.

Aaron Patstone was top dog in the autos ahead of Harrison Arnold who battled his way up to second place overall, third place was Dylan Woodhall who rode hard in all races.

Report: Jemma Lavender
Photos: Jemma Mx Photos

Open: 1 Josh Waterman, 2 Josh Spinks, 3 Matt Porter, 4 Carl Jones, 5 Scott Bates, 6 Rich McDermott.
Senior: 1 Tom Kennedy, 2 Kurtis Williams, 3 Jack Waterman, 4 Dan Whitehead, 5 Robbie Hollis, 6 Gareth Artus.
Big Wheels 85cc: 1 Oli Benton, 2 Mitch Warhurst, 3 Thomas Brown, 4 Reece Wain, 5 Jack Evans, 6 Josh Oates.
Small Wheels 85cc: 1 Harry Wichman, 2 Matt Brame, 3 JC Verdugo, 4 Ben Kind, 5 Will Webster Wall, 6 Daniel.V.Der Hoevan.
AMX: 1 Shane Holmes, 2 Aaron Jenner, 3 Chuck Davies, 4 Jake Lord, 5 Adam Constabl, 6 Scott Hambridge.
Autos: Harvey Game, 2 Tyler Etheridge, 3 Riley Harrison, 4 Harrison Boam, 5 Tristian Rowicki, 6 Jack Lilyman.
Juniors: 1 Aaron Patstone, 2 Harrison Arnold, 3 Dylan Woodhall, 4 Tyrone Brown, 5 Harrison McCann, 6 Kyle Jones.

Daves Mates: 1 David Sweet, 2 Richard Main, 3 Sean Doyle, 4 Simon George, 5 Alan Edwards, 6 Alan Hambridge.


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