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GP riders visit Italy's finest theme park

GP riders visit Italy's finest theme park

GP riders visit Italy

All the fun of the fair as they say as a bunch of riders spent Friday at Mirabilandia, Italy’s best theme park.
Just think of Alton Towers crossed with Thorpe Park and 30 degree heat and you might be close.

Tommy Searle, Tanel Leok, Mel Pocock, Bobryshev, Tixier, Van Horebeek and Alex Lupino all made the effort to showcase the sport in front of thousands of possible new motocross fans. The riders were called up on stage after the dance show and in front of the packed stunt show crowd and talked about this weekends GP in Faenza, a great idea by Youthstream and I’m sure this won’t be the last time this sort of thing happens before race day. It was great for the crowd to meet the riders and great for the riders to show that the sport of motocross is full of cool guys who are super talented on motorcycles.

Tommy Searle enjoying a rather lovely Italian ice cream
The Stunt Show was awesome and fairplay to the crowd for applauding the riders as they were presented to the public.

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