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No Glen Helen on AMA outdoor calendar!

No Glen Helen on AMA outdoor calendar!

Ouch…after years of some of the best racing in the US nationals, Glen Helen Raceway is no longer on the outdoor calendar. The head honcho’s from Glen Helen have released a statement to explain why.

British fans on a recent trip to California
British fans on a recent trip to California

Glen Helen Raceway regretfully announces that it will not host Round two of AMA 250/450 Nationals
on May 29, 2010.

There has been long negotiations between MX Sports and Glen Helen Raceway in regards to the event. As a previous host of more than 14 AMA Nationals and three GP’s over the last 20 years, Glen Helen has proven to be a world class venue (and so do the fans who have flooded the gates in large numbers over the years).

From the beginning of the most recent contract negotiations, Glen Helen has asked for the same contractual terms as other tracks on the National circuit received in 2010. Due to the lack of equality in the terms, Glen Helen is unable to move forward with a National at this time.

The National Promoter’s Group (NPG) was formed 15 years ago to set the standard for motocross in America. As a charter member, Glen Helen has stood together with the other promoters for the entire 15-year period. We feel that our contributions to the promotion of the sport were integral to the progress that has been made in motocross.

Glen Helen supports all the teams, riders, sponsors and other National promoters 100 percent and we are sorry that the fans who planned to come to Glen Helen to see “Real Motocross” will not get the chance to do it this year.

Glen Helen will still be hosting events every weekend and will give fans, riders and sponsors a venue that they can be proud to be part of. We have a pre-National event on May 16, 2010 with the MTA World MX Championships, which will give fans a first look at the outdoor teams for 2010. A large Pro purse will be included.


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