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GizMX Racing Team Race Report EASSC 5th Round

GizMX Racing Team Race Report EASSC 5th Round

Auto Race 1:
Yet another bad day for Brandon, bike problems on the first lap of the first race would ruin his weekend although he did manage to cross the line in 23rd. Carter with a mid-pack start would move up to finish 11th. Harvey getting a great jump out the gate would drop the bike in the third corner but push hard to come back through the pack to finish 8th while Jordan with a mid-pack start would pick riders off one by one to cross the line 3rd.

Auto Race 2:
Harvey again with a flying start saw him in the top 3 round the first corner, he would move up to second until the last lap saw him flipped over the bars while trying to go round a back marker, DNF. Jordan also with a good start and a great pace would move up to finish 2nd. Carter got a good start and was flying through the pack to make his way up to 5th at the flag.

Auto Race 3:
Carter off to a good start would battle his way round the track to hold 8th over the line. Jordan with a great start would battle with Harvey and get the better of him to cross the line 3rd and Harvey having a good ride taking 4th.

Auto Results:
Jordan Gull 2nd
Carter Howlett 5th
Harvey Isborne 14th
Brandon Stock 23rd

Junior Race 1:
Travis got a bad start for the first race of the day but would push through the bad conditions to finish 23rd.

Junior Race 2:
Travis getting a good jump out the gate would get pushed wide in the first corner to come round mid pack. Travis just got his head down and pushed all moto for a good 13th place finish.

Junior Race 3:
Travis with a good start would crash on the third corner, a fellow rider rode into his shoulder forcing Travis to walk off the track in pain. DNF

Junior Results:
Travis Field 19th

AMX Race 1:
James Nestor getting a great start seeing him 2nd round the first corner would drop back to 6th by the last lap only to crash a few corners from the flag, snapping his clutch leaver and unable to restart bike would score a DNF. Sean with a mid-pack start would push hard to move up for an 8th place finish.

AMX Race 2:
James would miss the rest of the weekend due to bike problem. Sean with a good jump out the gate would clip a rider in the first corner and go down. Remounting in last he would try to catch the pack and make moves but the condition weren’t helping. Sean would cross the line 19th.

AMX Race 3:
Sean got off to a mid-pack start only to have bike problems and have to nurse the bike to a 14th place finish.

AMX Results:
Sean Bardwell 13th
James Nestor 24th


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