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GizMX Racing Team Race Report EASSC 4th Round

GizMX Racing Team Race Report EASSC 4th Round

Auto Race 1:
Harvey got a good jump out the gate seeing him in the top 6 round the first corner but 2 crashes throughout the race would see him finish 14th. Carter got a good start and pushed all race to finish 8th. Jordan (Testing a new sprocket setup) found it hard to get a good jump out the gate, but by keeping the bike flowing round the track managed to pass through the field for a 5th place finish.

Auto Race 2:
Carter with another good start and having some good battles would move forward to take 8th again. Harvey got off to another good start seeing him up the front round the first corner. Jordan (Changed Sprockets) this time with a better jump out the gate quickly moved forward and would battle with Harvey to the flag. They would finish Harvey 6th, Jordan 5th.
uto Race 3:
Harvey with a great jump comes round the first corner in 3rd with Jordan getting a good start seeing him 5th round first corner. Harvey would fall back to 5th seeing Jordan move forward. They would again battle the whole race, swapping back and forth but it was Jordan who got the position crossing the line in 4th with Harvey close behind in 5th. Carter with a mid-pack start would push hard making up some good positions, moving forward every lap but a crash in the last few laps would see him fall back and finish 11th.
Auto Results:
Jordan Gull 4th
Harvey Isborne 6th
Carter Howlett 8th

Junior Race 1:
Travis, after looking good in practice got off to a good start. Riding well and holding position just outside the top 10. With 2 laps to go, up the face of a jump Travis hits a rut which sends him off the Jump with his bike sideways and hitting the ground hard hurting his shoulder. Travis was ready to remount and finish race but under advice from the paramedics Travis walked off the track to get a proper check over. DNF

Junior Race 2:
Travis, still hurting from the big crash in race 1 lines up for the 2nd race. Not taking too many chances and trying to ride the smooth lines so not to put too much pressure on the injured shoulder Travis had a strong race and would finish 13th.

Junior Race 3:
Travis thinking about points would once more bare the pain and line up for the last race. With the track so rough, his shoulder giving him grief and not wanting to push to another mistake Travis would cruise to an 18th place finish.

Junior Results:
Travis Field 18th

AMX Race 1:
James started the day with a great start putting him right up the front round the first corner. He was running well while sitting in 5th battling with the 4 riders behind him for the whole race. Nearer the end of the race James’s fitness let him down but rather the push himself into a mistake he rode smart and dropped back only a few places to finish 8th. Sean got a bad start but a hard charge through the pack got him up to a 9th place finish.

AMX Race 2:
Sean got off to a mid-pack start in this one, starting moving forward but would finish outside the top 10 taking 13th. James, smashing his starts today was again up the front. By the half-way point James was sitting in a comfortable 4th with 5th a fair distance behind. James held his 4th position all the way to the flag.

AMX Race 3:
James again rocketed out the gate to come round the first corner in 2nd, pushing hard and taking 1st by the 4th corner but a mistake at the end of the first lap would see him fall and remount in last. An awesome charge though meant James would come from dead last to 10th over the line. Sean again with a mid-pack start had a good race with good pace throughout, moving through the pack to cross the line in 8th.

AMX Results:
James Nestor 6th
Sean Bardwell 8th


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