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GizMX Racing Team Race Report EASSC 3rd Round

GizMX Racing Team Race Report EASSC 3rd Round

Auto Race 1:
Carter got off to a great start coming round the first corner in 5th with Jordan 7th and Brandon 9th. Jordan riding well managed to push all the way up to a 3rd place finish while Carter would crash twice and finish 9th. But it was Brandon with all the bad luck today, getting caught up with another rider over a jump while pushing through the pack would put an end to his day DNF.

Auto Race 2:
Brandon, a bit bashed up from first race crash DNS.
Both Carter and Jordan got good starts in this one. Jordan again having a good ride and Carter keeping strong as the clouds came over and the hail started to fall from the sky, bikes were smoking all over the track as clutches were burning out as the hard pack mud became like clay. Both GizMX riders managed to complete the race with bike in one piece, Jordan finished in 3rd and Carter 4th.

Auto Race 3:
Brandon DNS.
Jordan and Carter got mid pack starts in this one, Jordan not hanging about started moving quickly up the pack. Carter keeping a good pace throughout crossed the line in 7th. Jordan was pushed back to 4th two corners from the flag but a sprint over the last jump and to the line would see him take 3rd by inches.

Auto Results:
Jordan Gull 2nd
Carter Howlett 4th
Brandon Stock 14th

Junior Race 1:
Travis didn’t have luck on his side today. A bad start would see him near the back round the first corner, struggling to find any rhythm he would finish 14th.

Junior Race 2:
Travis got an awesome start putting him 4th out the first turn but a few mistakes throughout the race would see him drop to 11th at the flag.

Junior Race 3:
Travis was mid pack round the first corner, he rode well but again a few mistakes would see him 11th at the finish.

Junior Results:
Travis Field 11th

AMX Race 1:
Sean started his day with a good start seeing him in the top half of the pack, he managed to move forward a few places to see him cross the line in 7th.

AMX Race 2:
Sean got a good start to this one sitting around 6th out the firs corner. Sean was riding really well and manged to move to 4th only to have a crash in the last lap and drop back to finish 8th.

AMX Race 3:
Sean again got a good start. Looking more relaxed and like he was having more fun in this race Sean moved his way up to a 5th place finish.

AMX Results:
Sean Bardwell 5th


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