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GizMX Racing Team Race Report EASSC 2nd Round

GizMX Racing Team Race Report EASSC 2nd Round

EASSC RD2 Mepal 11/03/2012

Auto Race 1:
Brandon and Jordan started the day with a good start seeing them both in the front half of the pack round the first corner, Harvey taking a wide line would get the door closed on him and be nearer the back of the pack. Carter getting a good jump off the gate unfortunately gets a wobble half way down the straight which would end up with him being thrown over the handle bars and remounting in dead last. Brandon rode well, keeping Jordan and other riders at bay to cross the line in 4th, Jordan would follow in 5th. Harvey would push hard all race riding well on a surface he has never rode before moving from 12th to finish 8th. Carter had one thing on his mind ‘Points’ and with that would charge hard to come from last to finish 10th.

Auto Race 2:
Brandon again with a good start and a solid race would finish 4th. Jordan also with another good start and good pass would cross the line in 6th after a mid-race fall. Harvey got caught sleeping on the gate as he adjusts his goggles meaning he starts the race in 14th but pushing hard knowing it was his mistake manages to move forward, sitting in 9th going into the last lap he would cross the line in 8th after a great move two corners from the flag. Carter, this time making the first corner without incident rode a very good pace and with a crash would finish 7th.

Auto Race 3:
All four riders get a good start and get round the first corner cleanly. Brandon really liking the deep Mepal sand rode well yet again to cross the line in 5th. Jordan and Carter were having a good battle until Jordan got thrown off his bike in one of the very bumpy and unforgiving straights and his bike would bounce up and collect Carter knocking him to the floor. Carter instantly remounts and continues while Jordan is seen to by first aid. 2 laps after this crash in the same spot Harvey was thrown from his bike and again poor Carter was taken off his bike by a team mate. Both boys remounted quickly and would battle to the flag with Carter taking 9th on the last corner, Harvey would follow in 10th. Jordan would remount 2 laps down after his big crash to finish 15th

Auto Results:
Brandon Stock 4th
Jordan Gull 7th
Carter Howlett 8th
Harvey Isborne 9th

Junior Race 1:
Travis got off to a good start and was holding a good pace but a fall in the late stages would cost him, Travis had trouble starting the bike and ended up crossing the line in 15th.

Junior Race 2:
Travis again got a good start, but was lacking confidence after his first race issues. Travis fell a few times in the deep sand corners but a last lap push would see him finish 14th.

Junior Race 3:
Travis was sitting mid-pack round first corner and was riding well but today was not his day, falling a few times throughout the race would see him finish 14th.

Junior Results:
Travis Field 14th

AMX Race 1:
Sean was lucky to be on the gate for this one as bike problems in practice would put his KXF out of action for the day. Big thanks to Billy Kilsby for lending him his CRF250 for the day.
James got off to a great start coming round the first corner in around third and running a good pace would move up to second only to have a stone jam in his front break which would force him to stop, while trying to remove the stone James was hit by another rider, breaking James’s clutch lever. James nursed the bike over the line in 29th. Sean on the CRF got a good start and rode a great race on the unfamiliar bike to finish 4th.

AMX Race 2:
James and Sean both got a great start seeing them in the top 5 round the first corner. James moves up to second with Sean right behind him, they battle for a lap then Sean makes a move, takes second and starts to gap James. Sean continued to run a good pace and would cross the line 2nd. James still not 100% bike fit got arm pump so would box clever and settle to a steady pace to come home in 7th.

AMX Race 3:
James again with a flying start sees him second round the first corner with Sean a few bike behind in fifth. James managed to keep up the front until a little mistake would see him stall the bike and due to a thumb injury picked up in the first race he was unable to restart his bike. James would finally get the bike going with two laps to go and finish 21st. Sean was having a real good race holding second until a crash on the last lap which would see him back to 7th over the line.

AMX Results:
Sean Bardwell 1st
James Nestor 16th

Massive thanks to Sean Bardwell on getting GizMX Racing our first AMX overall win.


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