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Friday Crackerjack – Stewart, GP’s, Pourcel, Brazil and MORE!

Friday Crackerjack – Stewart, GP’s, Pourcel, Brazil and MORE!

This week has been a bit of a busy one for the MOTO team, its deadline week which normally means late nights and early mornings and plenty of biscuits to get us through the long hours which is always good. Issue 59 is looking very sweet to say the least with great pages full of the usual action, news and features.

Last week saw the 6th round of the Maxxis British championship at Farleigh Castle which was the first time back there for a few years, like the previous round at Foxhill the fans turned up and paid homage to one of the UK’s most historic circuits. MXTRAX had a huge debate going on some saying it’s too old fashioned and some saying it rocks – pop over and join in the fun right HERE

Rumours are rocking Twitter that Christophe Pourcel may join KTM, not sure for 2011 but possibly 2012? Let’s see if this story escalates over the weekend.

RacerX has a cool interview with Britain’s Dean Wilson the Scottish star talks about this year’s MXDN and painting his face Braceheart styly.

The GP vs Nationals debate seems to be rolling on and on and on and on, you get where were coming from – over on Vurbmoto Brent Stallo penciled a piece about it and it’s a pretty good read but expect this same discussion probably same time next year and the year after and the year after etc etc etc

Back into Europe and the World championship heads to Brazil for round 13, we still haven’t quite worked out what time the coverage is on the TV or internet yet but we will let you know as soon as we do – try MotorTV and that may help.

Some of the fastest youth riders on the planet head to France this weekend for the world junior motocross championship, 200 young riders from all over the world including the USA and the UK will battle for honours at the Dardon-Gueugnon circuit. Good luck to all the riders especially the Brits for obvious reasons.

Lets end with the James Stewart press release where he had a dig about not being picked for team USA, the decision not to include him was probably right as the three guys who have raced all year deserve first shout. Somewhere along the line the whole MXDN set up and structure will have to change as some of the best riders are not actually going…more of a Ryder Cup scenario would work better but don’t expect that anytime soon. Strange thing is the letter has been removed from a few sites including his own but we’ve tracked it down to HERE – have a read if you haven’t done so already.

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