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Fresh Produce with Adam Dyer

Fresh Produce with Adam Dyer

Lewis Lloyd

This Friday’s Fresh Produce is with Adam Dyer who 15 years old and lives in Bristol. This year he’s racing with corsham as its his first year in the senior group. This years just a learning year for Adam on the new bike and he’s going to take it step by step.

Name: Adam Dyer


Bike: YZF250

What food puts you in the mood to ride?
Sausage rolls with ketchup ha-ha.

Favourite pro rider? James Stewart

Favourite track? Cusses Gorse Mx

If you had a £100 now what would you do with it?
Put it towards a new exhaust

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?

Who’s the last person you called on your mobile?
Ben Cryer

Football or Rugby?

Favourite energy drink?

Apart from motoross, what’s your favourite sport?
Rugby, I love it.

What are you plans for tonight?
Go up town and get some new vans!

Favourite lesson at school?

Celebrity crush?
Cheryl Cole

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