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Fat Cat holds up to rain as YMSA runs like clockwork

Fat Cat holds up to rain as YMSA runs like clockwork

The rain didn’t hold off for the fourth championship in the YMSA Midlands season. The FatCat team had done an excellent job of prepping the track so it was ready for a rough day of racing.

A fantastic line up of Autos started the day off and displayed just how tough the track was. Kieran Austin pressed hard and managed to take the first race win. The track didn’t get any easier for the Auto’s as they were battling with the mud in race two. Finn O’Malley rode for the chequered flag, leaving Oliver Woods and Kieran Danby settling for second and third. Austin was back on form in race three as he took the holeshot but soon found that he was racing closely with Oliver. Austin managed to take another win and finished on equal points overall with Oliver, but it was his two race wins that secured his overall first position.

As the gate dropped for the Junior class, Danny Clarke couldn’t wait to get going as he dominated the lead in race one. Brogan Johnson and Lewis Hall didn’t let off any steam until they passed the finish flag in second and third position. Danny took the second holeshot and took an early lead with Kurtis Griffiths following behind in second. Danny pulled a good lead and took the win for race two. Lewis Wood pushed hard in third to try and match the pace of Danny and Kurtis. Lewis McLeary came from nowhere in race three as he shot up the start straight. Danny quickly pulled through to take the lead but then slipped; leaving Kurtis Griffiths to take the final race win. Danny finished first overall, Kurt took second and Brogan finished third.

Denny Rapson took up pole position in race one but was soon overpowered by Daniel Shepherd for the rest of the day as Daniel took the next two wins. The quality of riding was immense in this class as both Daniel and Denny pulled a superb lead in race two. Catherine Booth and Jake Taylor were also battling hard for a higher position and it was Catherine who edged in front of Jake to take fifth place. Conor Fish made a hasty getaway on the start in race three but this was short-lived as Daniel quickly made his way to the front again. This time it was Ben Burridge chasing in second position. Daniel took the trophy for first overall and Ben finished with second. Catherine took third.

The day members stood out in race one as Alfie Mountford took the race win for the Big Wheel class, followed by Troy Willerton and Marcus Phelts. Will Jeonney gave chase in race two but was unable to match the speed of Tyler Holland, who took the second race win. Further down the pack, Lewis Grainger and Josh Crooks were racing wheel to wheel but it was Josh who got to the higher position. Troy and Will gave a nail biting performance in race three as they were close racing close together but Troy triumphed for the chequered flag again.

In the Senior class, Lewis Holland was on a mission to gain three out of three wins for the overall win. Race one saw Dan Whitehead complete the race in second place and John Foster in third. Results differed in race two as Josh Bentley rode for second and Luke Atkinson finish in third. Kurtis Williams rode to take second position in race three giving him enough points to take second overall for the day.

The Adult A class hit the track next and it was Jarad Goodwin that pulled away out in front to take the first win. James Nottingham and Jack Rowland came in after taking second and third positions. Jack Rowland stepped up in race 2 to take the win to secure him third overall for the day. Two more second position finishes for Nottingham was enough for the overall championship win. Second overall went to Jake Millward.

Aaron Woodall took the first race win in the Adult B class and managed to keep off Karl Barker and Will Stafford, Who finished in second and third. Will took the holeshot for race two but was soon pushed down the pack by James Mycock, Woodall and Alan Kirtley. Woodall took the final race win to mount the winner’s step on the podium. Karl Barker took home the trophy for second overall, whilst Brad Dallison took third overall with the results 7-10-3.

Sonny Lowther once again reigned supreme in the Adult C class as he took three easy wins. Day member Kyle Stephenson rode consistently with three second position finishes. Andy Hall finished third overall.

1- Kieran Austin 2- Oliver Woods 3- Finn O’Malley 4 – Kieran Danby 5- Oliver Foxon 6- Jude McKenzie
1- Danny Clarke 2- Kurtis Griffiths 3- Brogan Johnson 4 – Lewis Wood 5- Lewis Hall 6- Harvey Ward
Small Wheels::
1- Daniel Shepherd 2- Ben Burridge 3- Catherine Booth 4 – Benjamin Knight 5- Jake Taylor 6- Sammy Price
Big Wheels:
1- Tyler Holland 2- Will Jeonney 3- Kenny Ryalls 4- Troy Willerton 5- Marcus Phelts 6- Joe Jacques
1- Lewis Holland 2- Kurtis Williams 3- Luke Atkinson 4 – John Foster 5- Joe Shaw 6- Joel Reynolds
Adult Open A’s:
1- James Nottingham 2- Jake Millward 3- Jack Rowland 4- Ashley Smith 5- Wayne Barker 6- Jarad Goodwin
Adult Open B’s:
1- Aaron Woodall 2- Karl Barker 3- Brad Dallison 4- Corie Bishop 5- James Walker 6- Chris Worthington
Adult Open C’s:
1- Sonny Lowther 2- Kyle Stephenson 3- Andy Hall 4 – Lee Rudderford 5- Mike Prady 6- Anthony Wilson

Written by Nat Jarvis
Photographs by Lisa Griffiths


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