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Danny McCanney found the speed and consistency to put himself
on the podium again this weekend at the Spanish GP of the 2012
Enduro World Championship. Placing sixth on day one then a
fighting third on day two, McCanney, riding a Gas Gas EC300
Racing, now lies in third position in the 2012 EWC Junior

On a course that was more typical of French enduro than Spanish –
rolling grassy hillsides and clay-based pine forests of the Basque country
near Bilbao – McCanney had struggled on day one, feeling rusty after an
enforced lay-off from riding (to allow the ribs he injured at the last Sprint
Enduro to fully heal). But on day two McCanney was back to his best,
posting second-fastest times and challenging for the win.

Danny McCanney: “That was a great event. I enjoyed all the tests, we
had a bit of everything. It got really technical on day two as overnight rain
and so many laps meant the course was very rutted out. The enduro test
was long and very tough with ruts and berms like you see on a
motocross course, but made slippery by the water that seemed to sit
everywhere on the course.

“I struggled on the Saturday; having been off the bike for a while I felt
uncomfortable and to push harder would have been risky. I was much
happier on Sunday, more familiar, and I changed the way I rode, using
the EC300s ability to pull higher gears which works brilliantly in wet
conditions. I’m very happy to be back on the podium, to be challenging
the leader again. I’m really looking forward to Portugal now!”

Steve Plain, Gas Gas UK team manager: “This was a tough enduro for
a rider returning from injury. The Spanish organisers had put together
an excellent – and tough – 70 kilometre course (repeated three times)
that kept the riders working hard for the full seven hours of each day.
The enduro test was impressive as well, very long with a good
variation in terrain through a tricky clay-based forest. Danny was
understandably below his best for day one, but it acted as a good tune
up and he was his usual battling self on Sunday – he took third, but
significantly he was setting top-three, even top-two times. He’s bang
on form again.”

McCanney’s next race is round four of the 2012 Enduro World
Championship in Portugal this weekend (May 12-13).


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