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EKSSC Summer championship Rd 5 - To Be Franklin!

EKSSC Summer championship Rd 5 - To Be Franklin!

The weather seemed to be on side for the EKSSC as they held Rd 5 of their summer championship at Staplehurst. The track was in tip top condition and looked inviting to the riders after being well prepared and watered the night before; with the Senior, Open and Amx groups out first before the younger groups could go out and kick some dirt.

Ben Franklin proved to be unstoppable, in the Senior group; as he pulled away, out in front from the rest of the pack; taking the win in all three blocks, for that all-important podium finish. Joe Borrett and Connor Dennis tried in vain to catch Franklin out but had to settle with their second and third overall results. Young Borrett should be proud of his finish, as he has constantly been working hard to be within reach of the top positions in the championship. After his disappointing finishes at Chippenham the previous week Ryan Hall defiantly upped his game and kept his cool claiming a 7-5-7 finish for a top six overall.

It was great to see Dexter Marks back at the club and Frankie Bennett too, who has recently been stateside with Tommy Searle. Both were going great guns in the Open group for the overall premier result, with Marks just getting the edge over Bennett; as he slammed the door shut every time he became within reach of the leaders tail; putting Bennett in second overall. Luke Lewis and Craig Bliss were both consistent throughout to finish third and fourth overall as they chased hard and tussled with each other for the well-earned results. Steve Bliss was being encouraged by his fellow friends from the track side, especially from John Eaton snr, with a few choice words of encouragement. What was it you were trying to say John?

Jamie Austin-Carter kept Piers Skinner and Adam Cooper at bay as he dominated the Amx group with a further impressive hat trick. Both Skinner and Cooper were on form though and were consistently behind Carter in all three blocks; and with only two points adrift between them it was a close finish. Second overall went to Skinner with Cooper taking a well-deserved third. Matt Finch stayed within the top ten in all three motos gaining a 5-8-6 finish for a superb overall result in the top six.

The battle in the BWs was certainly becoming intense as Callum Heasman and Nathan Turner-Whittles lap times showed. With only point one of a second splitting the guys in the remaining block it was going to be a tough call for the overall. Heasman secured the finish putting Turner-Whittle in second overall. Aaron Ongley was bang on target for third overall with his 3-3-4 giving him enough to take the position. Ben Lane was quick out of the gates and stayed with the top pack during the early stages of each block and even though he tired towards the end he should be proud of his overall finish.
Ethan Winchester, Tom Borrett and Tom Lockhart kept themselves on the overall podium once again as they finished in the same order in all three blocks of the SW class. This group is going to see one intense battle as we get further into the championship, between these guys! Harry Arnold held his own within the group with his consistency paying off and giving him a great result. Well done H!!

Visitor Jack Carpenter had his sights well and truly set on the Junior overall as he kept his eye on Ashley Surridge and Ike Carter. The boys battled hard throughout to try and claim the all-important podium place. It was Carpenter who took it with his three straight wins sealing the deal to put Surridge and Carter in second and third overall. Seven must be the magic number for Leon Ongley after finishing in the same position in all three blocks to give him the finish in the overall results.

What a superb battle in the Auto group between the front runners, especially with little Harvey Fagg as he tried to hold Alfie Card and Raife Broadley off the scent of a podium finish. Even though Fagg missed out on the top three spots, taking a well-earned fourth in the overalls he is certainly proving to be one of the front contenders within the group. Card and Broadley got their finishes with Jake Swann taking a smooth overall win. Charlie Piddock is really looking confident out on the track and is moving his way up the field too. You’re looking good Charlie! Little Luke Sinden surprised everyone with the way he took his hole shot and you could say it was bang on target too.

Finally a big thank you has got to be said to our Paramedic team; as they travel the distance themselves to be at our race meetings, whether they are on home ground or further afield. Without them turning up week in week out our meetings just wouldn’t run. They do a splendid and worthwhile job taking care of the injured when needed and on that note we would like to wish those who were injured a speedy recovery and a quick return to racing.
Lastly let’s hope that we see some warmer sunnier weather at our Rd 6 championship meeting on the 6th May; which is now being held at Chippenhams Wildtracks, along with some awesome racing. So see you all there, guys!

SNR – 1 Ben Franklin, 2 Joe Borrett, 3 Connor Dennis, 4 Dan Guy, 5 Joe Russell, 6 Ryan Hall
Open – 1 Dexter Marks, 2 Frankie Bennett, 3 Luke Lewis, 4 Craig Bliss, 5 Ben Crane, Andrew Broadley
AMX – 1 Jamie Austin-Carter, 2 Piers Skinner, 3 Adam Cooper, 4 Dave Capper, 5 Matt Finch, 6 John Eaton
BW – 1 Callum Heasman, 2 Nathan Turner-Whittle, 3 Aaron Ongley, 4 Aaron Pilcher, 5 Joe Cornwell, 6 Billy Stevens
SW – 1 Ethan Winchester, 2 Tom Borrett, 3 Tom Lockhart, 4 Michael Eggett, 5 Luke Horley, 6 Sam Ongley
JNR – 1 Jack Carpenter, 2 Ashley Surridge, 3 Ike Carter, 4 Jake Sinden, 5 Jack Nixon, 6 Billy Carter
Auto – 1 Jake Swann, 2 Alfie Card, 3 Raife Broadley, 4 Harvey Fagg, 5 Harrison Borg, 6 Tom Ovenden


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