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Edgar Torronteras stars in episode 2 of “We Are Family”

Edgar Torronteras stars in episode 2 of “We Are Family”

Freestyle fans, bike lovers, adrenaline junkies and anyone who has ever heard the name ‘Torronteras’ will be drooling over this action-packed and slick look at the life and risks of the legendary FMX rider. After 27 years manipulating a bike and 16 years as a pioneer in the Freestyle world, Edgar Torronteras has become a rider that has inspired fans worldwide to throw a leg over a bike for the sake of fun.

The section was shot in Llinars del vallès, a location steeped in bike culture, and in Vallgorguina Park, an amazing setting with three different layout for some serious fun. Check out Edgar whipping at Banana Camp, the freestyle facility where he trains for the big competitions but also see a little bitbehind the man and what drives the athlete on through an arena where the slightest mistake equals a whole lotta suffering.

Black Media and Zoopa present the second episode in this series of epic action pieces called ‘We are Family’.

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