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EBB BLOG 3 - Maybe things are slowly turning around now

EBB BLOG 3 - Maybe things are slowly turning around now

A fair bit has happened since my last BLOG, the week after my last one we flew out to round 2 of the world championship in Bulgaria. I’ve always liked the track there it suits me it’s pretty fast and flows well. Saturday went great I finished 5th in my heat and was pumped going into Sunday. On Sunday I got a pretty good start and was in about 9th I passed a couple of guys and caught Jake and Max, we where in an awesome battle for 7th and with 3 laps to go my fuel pipe unclipped somehow.
We really don’t know how but it did and I was unable to finish.

Race 2 I got a really good start but ran wide and was in 5th but on lap one my back wheel washed out where they had watered the track and I went down hard and cut my arm so that was my weekend – two DNF’s and cut arm lovely !!!!

So we flew home after Bulgaria to regroup but that whole week I was unable to ride as when I crashed I hurt my back so just had physio on it all week.
With one day off laying in the physio room me and Chelsea my girlfriend were able to take a trip down to London to go see my cousins first Gig which was pretty sick and be sure to check her out on the video below and on Twitter @lolajamesmusic, she’s gonna be big time I have a feeling. Once you have listened to one of her songs it gets stuck in your head and you find your self singing it hahaha so just check it out I think you’ll like it.

While we were in London we called in at Red Bull and caught up with Ben who had an awesome present for me but I can’t say what it is just yet though.

Before I knew it I was on a plane again and off to Italy.
Italy is a awesome place I like it there and the track Fermo is nice to. I’ve never been there before and I couldn’t believe how steep the hills are they look like nothing on TV but there pretty crazy I can assure you.

I thought this was my weekend to do it and get the results we have worked so hard for, I didn’t think that there was anymore bad luck I could have but I was wrong.
In my heat I got an awesome start and just ran a little wide but still came out the corner in 5th. On lap one Herlings made a mistake and cut right in front of me on a jump and I got cross rutted and crashed real hard which resulted in some torn ligaments in my thumb so once again that was my weekend over.

So why didn’t I go to Mexico and Brazil?
On the Tuesday after Italy I had to make the decision if I was going to be able to ride with my injured thumb in Mexico, the bikes had to be sent in the crate the next day, at that time I really would not of been able to race, so I had to make the decision not go which was a big bummer as I hate missing races, it didn’t look like I missed much out there it looked terrible and it did give me 2 weeks to get back on top of things and get my thumb sorted.
All that week I was in physio trying to get my thumb as good as possible for Lyng. I really did not think I was going to be able to ride at the beginning of the week but physio really helped and each day it got better and better.

Lyng is pretty much my home race so I was so pumped going there, I had a pretty good day, I won race one quite easy. In race two, I was in second behind Mel Pocock when my back wheel went threw a berm and chucked me down pretty hard but I got back quickly and was in 5th. I got it together quick and was catching the leaders but as I caught Nev Bradshaw I miss judged his speed in the back field and hit his back wheel so hard I didn’t really know where I was and could hardly see for the rest of the race and ended up 5th.

After the race everyone said I was chatting woff and acting pretty weird but I regrouped and got it together and won the last moto but it wasn’t enough for the overall and missed it by just one point which I was pretty disappointed about but that’s racing so bring on Milton Park on May 27th and we will just have to do it there.

This weekend just gone I went to race the Red Bull Pro Nationals which was fun. I had a 1-1 there and those guys put on a good show again so fair play and thanks.

I’m off to the Red Bull Empire of Dirt comp this weekend in London which I’m so so excited about. I’ve never seen a BMX comp before and the course looks unreal so keep up with me on twitter @EBANKSBROWNE and I’ll add some pics of what them insane human beings are doing thanks for your time guys keep it real.

Till the next time



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