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EBB 44 Column number 2 – Up and Down Month

EBB 44 Column number 2 – Up and Down Month

Changing weather for EBB on his roadtrips

Talk about an up and down month, just when I start thinking my lucks going to change and things are going to go my way I get put back down, my year so far really hasn’t gone the way I planned thats for sure.

After our disappointment at Fat Cats me and the team worked harder than ever to get things back on track and it was starting to come good. We thought we had sorted all our problems over the two week break with testing. The week after Fat Cats things got even worse when my dog got ran over and killed and it was the worst thing ever, I’ve never really have anything like that happen in my life but I loved that little dog and that was hard to deal with so that week was very tough, a few days later we headed over to ride in Holland with my Dad and Probie and my Dad built some new race motors to try. We had a pretty good time out there and got a lot done, I tried the motors in the week and loved them, they were an improvement on what we had.


So it was time for Canada Heights and I felt so ready, the build up, the bikes, everything was going right well except eating it pretty hard at ED’s on Monday but I was all good. Qualifying was ok and going into the race I felt ready to win. I got a good start in about 4th and on lap one saw Tonus crash hard. I hate seeing people get hurt as I always want to race the best and its not good to see him go out like that after he crashed, I found myself in second behind Mac and wanted to get to the front so I went for the pass and made a stupid mistake and crashed hard. I finished 5th which I was very pissed with. Races 2 and 3 were pretty much perfect, I holeshot race 2 and pulled a good gap until my bike cut out leaving me in second but I passed Mel with 2 laps to go to take the win. Race 3 I got the holeshot and won. It was my first race win and overall ever so I was very happy.

Going to the first GP I was full of confidence and ready for it but it didn’t go the way I wanted it to.
The weekend started off good with 11th in free practice but I struggled in qualifying practice as I didnt do a lap early enough so messed that right up but I knew going into the qualifying race I had the speed to get a good result, I gated in about 13th and worked my way up to 10th and with about 4 laps to go my bike started to get slower and I was struggling to do the jumps and on the last lap it blew up which was gutting, so for Sunday that meant I had 24th pick of the gate.

EBB's manfriend Probbs...

Race 1 I gated pretty good in about 10th but on lap 1, I got hit and taken down and a few people hit my bike and it was unrideable so that was that race over. Race 2 it was raining pretty hard and when I put my goggles on some how the string in the roll off managed to wrap it self around the spring coil which was a freak think, so I had to use tear offs which lasted 2 laps and couldn’t see – oh and my bike cut out on lap 1 so as you can see I have had a pretty rough start to the season, not really any fault from my team or my self as we are doing all we can to sort the problems out and it just seems to be silly freak things and everything that keeps happening people say that they haven’t seen before.

So im hoping my luck is going to change pretty soon and we will be in Bulgaria for round 2 next weekend with everything in order and ready to do the job properly and get the results that I have been working my ass off in the winter for.

EBB's Dad, Ian catching 40 winks

Sorry its been a pretty down column this month but just wanted to let you guys know whats been happening and im sure next months column is going to be alot more up beat, I’ve got to give a big shout out to Shady and Steve Fry for getting me and camper to each round and for supporting me, to my Dad for working his ass off to get this turned around to my team to Scot for keeping me on it in the week and Chels for putting up with me during this rough spell!!

Thanks again guys for reading this and I will get the results I promise.

Elliott Banks-Browne


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