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EBB 44 Column number 1 – Tough start to 2012

EBB 44 Column number 1 – Tough start to 2012

Right firstly I want to say thanks to MOTO for giving me this column to just chat woff about what’s been going on really and this one will probably be long as alot has happened over the last few months, and there has been alot of change in my life firstly moving team then relocated myself to Nottingham I left home to be near my trainer Kirk which was tough leaving my family but I’m getting on well. You think it would be easy moving out but jeez there’s alot of other stuff you forget about like bills, washing and cleaning and all the things you take for granted at home but I think I have the hang of that now and Chels is there alot looking after me so she does most of it ha-ha and struggle without her to be honest.

Possibly the coolest change is that I am now a Red Bull Athlete which I have been wishing for since I can remember. When I was a kid going to races with my dad I always used to worship anyone that had a Red Bull helmet on as I always thought they looked so cool and only a couple of people had them on and I wished one day I would be good enough to wear one and now it’s finally happened it seems like a dream come true. It was pretty surreal and scary going up to London to sort my deal out but as soon as I walked through the doors I felt so welcomed as everyone is so cool and chilled it was easy. Red Bull had been so good to me already getting me straight in to have my wrist looked at by one of the best consultants out there and they have just really looked after me and it’s an honour to work with a company like them and I’m excited for what we have in store.

Tough start for Elliott so far

The season is officially upon us and to be honest it hasn’t started the way I planned. It’s been up and down that’s for sure it all started for me at Mantova which went ok. My weekend in a nut shell went like this, I had a crash and hit my head, finished 4th in one race, I showed good speed got taken out and it was cold so that was pretty eventful. Then it was Hawkstone which I was excited for, ready once again I showed good speed I finished 3rd in race one with arm pump and was 3rd in race 2 and riding well but had an ignition problem with 3 to go and wasn’t able to finish so that took me off the box there.

EBB's speed was certainly there for all to see at Fat Cat

After Hawkstone me and Scot headed off to Holland and rode with Tommy for a few days which was fun and got some good time in on the bike and picked a new race bike up on the way home to try. Last week we had a awesome time riding and I had so much fun on my bike Jamie Dobb came out with me and Tom a couple of days which helped out and I felt more ready than ever for Fat Cats, we did have one sad moment that week which was when we had finished our motos on Wednesday to come back to the van to find that Scot’s favourite stand, the one that had been true to him for years had been flattened and he was devastated an inquiry is being undertaken into this dreadful hit and run incident on the 7-3-2012 and we will get to the bottom of this, if anyone has any details please call 0800-674-2345 or email

EBB so pumped on being a Red Bull athlete

So the British Championship!! We had much of the same luck was, race 1 I got a good start but on lap one my bike stopped then I got it going again in 10th, I gave it some beans and managed to get back to 3rd. Race 2 I got a bad start but was riding well again and got up to 3rd right on second and my bike died L R.I.P. Race 3 I went out on my spare bike which also has a problem and I struggled, rode around and ended up 4th so a very up and down first few races to say the least but I can assure you everyone is putting all their effort in to getting this thing back on track and ironing out all the issues and we will be back at Canada Heights stronger than ever.

So that’s about it sorry to go on and bore you lot but I had alot to say so stay safe always wear protection and keep up to date with what’s going on @ebanksbrowne on Twitter and apologies for my website not being updated at the minute but I’m having a new one being built which should be up any time so keep a look out cheers guys EBB 44.

Images by Ray Chuss


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