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East Kent SSC Winter Rd 6 Newnham - Tran’s ponding!

East Kent SSC Winter Rd 6 Newnham - Tran’s ponding!

It was a return visit to Newnham for the penultimate round of the EKSSC winter series. And what a difference a week can bring as this time round the club was greeted in true Newnham style, a cold damp and muddy start! With a drop in temperature and a chill in the air one thing was certainly going to warm up the spectators; as some extremely hot racing got underway!!
The MCFederation had very kindly donated the use of free transponders to all riders at this meeting and also for the final series round too. This is to test out the MyLaps system, which the club will be running throughout their summer championships.

Out of the start gates first and running on adrenalin as well as their transponders were the Amx/Open groups, who were looking pretty mean as they all screamed out of the gates and round the first bend. Piers Skinner secured himself a done deal for first overall in the Amx group as he pulled away out in front in all three motos. After an intense battle of places between Aston Day and Paul Austin it was Day who would take second with Austin in third overall.

Stuart Morrison led from start to finish in the Open group in all three blocks putting him bang on target to claim the overall podium finish. Chris Chapman held onto second overall with Paul Burr taking an impressive third. It was nice to Lee Powell riding back at the club and putting the pressure on Chapman, as they tussled with each other in a bid to reel in Morrison for the top spot.

The Senior group were next up with Ben Franklin, Jack Eldridge and John Waghorne each taking a win. Franklin just got the extra edge that he needed to secure him an overall win with Waghorne and Eldridge claiming the remaining positions. Working hard and breaking into the top six overall is an amazing achievement in its self and one lad did just that; Carl Whittam has worked himself so hard to make the grade and achieve his goal. Well done! Last time Rob Powell rode at the club he was just ending his season in the SW’s; so it was nice to see him back riding his Kawasaki 250 machine and looking comfortable too as he moved up through the pack.

Once again the Small and Big wheel 85’s were out together for this meeting and were itching to get out of the gates too. In the SW group, Albie Wilkie ruled all three blocks, giving him the overall moto with Luke Horley moving up a notch into second overall who seemed to suit the muddy conditions. Ethan Winchester claimed the remaining overall podium finish and still with a big grin on his face. Little Charlie Burt had a fantastic race meeting as he just finished outside the top six which is pretty cool as he has only just gone up into the group and is one of the smallest riders too.

There’s no stopping Callum Heasman who was firing on all cylinders, taking two out of three wins which sealed him first overall. Jak Baldwin rode home with a mixture of finishes, giving him a comfortable second overall with Nathan Turner-Whittle doing enough to keep himself in third after his win in block three helped him to slip into the position.

The Juniors were out on their own as the Autos would be riding a shortened track in their outing. Christopher Mills had a clean sweep as he took all three blocks for a superb podium finish. Reagan Brooks applied some pressure along with Ashley Surridge as they swapped positions throughout the racing. Brooks came through as he edged out to take second with Surridge in overall third.

Lastly the turn of the Autos came with only six riders in the line-up, so it’s true to say that they all deserve a mention in this one! Bobby Bruce just keeps reeling them in by taking a full house once again after a splendid run with Alfie Card in second. It just goes to show that Alfie’s consistency and wide berth into the bends certainly paid off for the lad. Jordan Gull didn’t let up one bit as he kept on the chase for third after a cracking battle with Luke Sinden. Luke, Tom Ovendon and Harvey Fagg did tremendously well and kept the speed going.

Hold up one minute what about Sonny Annett wasn’t he out there too? Yes he sure was in the last block joining in the fun and finishing with some points. They really are the magnificent seven!

Open – 1 Stuart Morrison, 2 Chris Chapman, 3 Paul Burr, 4 Timmy Andrews, 5 Lee Powell, 6 Ben Taylor
AMX – 1 Piers Skinner, 2 Aston Day, 3 Paul Austin, 4 Simon Ovendon, 5 Tom Bruce, 6 Ewan Day
SNR – 1 Ben Franklin, 2 John Waghorne, 3 Jack Eldridge, 4 Jake Fry, 5 Joe Russell, 6 Carl Whittam
SW – 1 Albie Wilkie, 2 Luke Horley, 3 Ethan Winchester, 4 Gino Cannella, 5 Ashdon Manktelow, 6 Michael Eggett
BW – 1 Callum Heasman, 2 Jak Baldwin, 3 Nathan Turner-Whittle, 4 Marni Saunders, 5 Aaron Bloomfield, 6 Marcus Annett
JNR – 1 Christopher Mills, 2 Reagan Brooks, 3 Ashley Surridge, 4 Jake Sinden, 5 Billy Carter, 6 Ike Carter
Auto – 1 Bobby Bruce, 2 Alfie Card, 3 Jordan Gull, 4 Luke Sinden, 5 Tom Ovendon, 6 Harvey Fagg, 7 Sonny Annett


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