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East Kent Are Looking Reem!

East Kent Are Looking Reem!

There was a further change of venue for the EKSSC, as they held Rd 7 of their summer championship at Essex, instead of running at Lamberhurst. Numbers were high in many of the groups making the racing pretty competitive all round. The Auto and Junior groups were to start the day off with their sighting laps and then straight into their first block of racing before the remaining groups could hit the dirt.

Jake Swann raised the bar in the Auto group as he set a very high standard in the youngest of the club’s groups. He may be only young but he was certainly fast out on the track pulling away to take three wins and the group overall. Ricky Roach was just as fast and put up an amazing fight against Alfie Card. What a battle it became, as Roach’s 2-2-3 finish gave him the advantage over Card’s 2-3-3 for second overall, putting Card in overall third. Little Aiden Monks got his best ever start and seems to be settling into the group quite nicely, as does little Max Whitley, with both the lads making great progress.

Ike Carter got the overall win he deserved in the Junior group, looking well suited to the track too. Ashley Surridge was there to push Carter to the limit as the boys continue to push one another for the win. After an exciting battle for the places Surridge had to settle with his second place finish with, third overall going Jake Sinden’s way after upping his game and riding really well to grab the result.

Once the SWs and remaining groups had done their sighting laps, and the Auto and Junior groups had completed their second block, it was time for the remaining groups to get some action. And as they headed out of the start gates, when the gates dropped boy weren’t the riders on charge!

Tom Lockhart had a fantastic win in the last block of racing, his first since moving up into the SWs. He did well to achieve the finish and worked himself hard, up against overall winner Perry Galloway throughout the day to finish behind him in second overall with Sam Ongley securing overall third, after some challenging battles.

In the BWs Callum Heasman had to watch his tail closely as Aaron Ongley was looking for a placing on the podium.
Heasman walked the group overall with his hat trick finish, leaving Ongley to battle it out for the remaining placing’s, with Nathan Turner-Whittle and Billy Stevens. Ongley had just got the edge to claim second overall to put Turner-Whittle and Stevens in third and fourth overall.
Ben Franklin shut the door on those who tried to pass him to secure a hat trick finish for the moto overall in the Senior group. Joe Russell looked confident and comfortable as he picked up his pace to finish in second overall with Brown in third after working so hard for the finish after his off at Chippenham the week before; it was certainly nice see him up there as he rode so, so well. Young Charlie Cundle also did amazingly out there to grab himself a fourth overall result.

The fiercely competitive Open group were electrifying to watch as Tony Cuddy, Dexter Marks and Brett Fisher went into battle for that all important spot. Cuddy was a man on a mission as he took all three wins for the group overall with Marks securing second, after finishing behind Cuddy in all three blocks. Fisher’s superb run had done enough to secure him the third overall spot he well-deserved. KTM man, through and through, Steve Bliss, has found himself a bit of a following too, since the race meeting! After going against his religion and rode a Honda machine which was lent to him by the quick thinking Russell family, after his Yamaha twin shock machine that he’d been rebuilding blew in practice. The machine was going well out there carrying Blissy round lap after lap, so what is the problem with Hondas then Bliss?

With a 1-1-2 under his belt; Rowan Hill had done himself proud to secure the overall moto in the Amx group. After tussling with Piers Skinner, it was looking pretty close at one point, to who would get the advantage? Skinner took overall second and it must be said that he indeed pushed Hill all the way. Third overall saw Jordan Denton and Glen Smith battle it out between them right to the finish; with Denton claiming the position.

Reported By Tracey Whittam
Pictures by Ann Cooper

Open – 1 Tony Cuddy, 2 Dexter Marks, 3 Brett Fisher, 4 Oliver Weeks, 5 Ryan Matthews, 6 Luke Lewis
Amx – 1 Rowan Hill, 2 Piers Skinner, 3 Jordan Denton, 4 Glen Smith, 5 Scott Finch, 6 Matthew Finch
Auto – 1 Jake Swann, 2 Ricky Roach, 3 Alfie Card, 4 Raife Broadley, 5 Harvey Fagg, 6 Charlie Piddock
JNR – 1 Ike Carter, 2 Ashley Surridge, 3 Jake Sinden, 4 Billy Carter, 5 Harry Preston, 6 Leon Ongley
SW – 1 Perry Galloway, 2 Tom Lockhart, 3 Sam Ongley, 4 Luke Horley, 5 Charlie Burt, 6 Billy Jones
BW – 1 Callum Heasman, 2 Aaron Ongley, 3 Nathan Turner-whittle, 4 Billy Stevens, 5 Joe Ellson, 6 Tyler Keily
SNR – 1 Ben Franklin, 2 Joe Russell, 3 Franke Brown, 4 Charlie Cundle, 5 Joe Borrett, 6 Ben Spill


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