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David Knight takes it to the Manx

David Knight takes it to the Manx

Winning the Elite, Under 19 and Under 23 classes at both rounds five and six of the 2011 Husqvarna ACU British Sprint Enduro Championship Manx riders David Knight, Jamie McCanney, and Danny McCanney were the talk of the paddock as the BSEC series moved past it’s mid-way point. With the spectacular Rogers Hill raceway once again ensuring exciting racing action in all classes, unseasonably dry conditions and a technical course ensured two days of memorable but tough racing.

As his last competitive outing before going under the surgeon’s knife and having hip surgery David Knight was determined to show he’s very much the boss of the Elite class and dominated the proceedings at both rounds five and six. As the fastest rider on all test on both days Knight certainly signed off from the series in the best possible way. On both days Tom Sagar was the rider who got closest to the defending series champion. Despite carrying a few niggling injuries, and having to dash off as soon as the second day had finished in order to get to the start of the Scottish Six Day Trial, Tom kept Si Wakely behind him at round five and Daryl Bolter at round six.

Greg Evans who had finished as runner-up to Knight at rounds three and four was forced to retire from the event after four tests after he injured his knee and opted not to compete in round six. Behind Wakely at round five series newcomer Jordan Rose delivered a highly impressive performance to claim fourth followed by Daryl Bolter, Paul Edmondson, Jamie Lewis and Gavin Houson. Round six saw Edmondson jump up to fourth followed by Wakely, who had a near disastrous fourth test, Aaron Poolman, Ollie Moyce and Mark Roberts.

Delivering sensationally fast special test times throughout the weekend Danny McCanney finished 22 seconds ahead of his closest rival in the Under 23 class, a result good enough for third in the Elite class. Chased hard my fellow Manxman Alex Rockwell who claimed the runner-up position, the pair placed ahead of Jonny Walker in third. The top performing E1 class rider in the Under 19 class was Ashley Wood in fourth, but despite his best efforts Ashley wasn’t able to match the pace set by the three riders ahead of him. Brad King, Jason Davis, Neil Chatham and Lewis Belfield rounded out the overall top eight at round five.

Round six saw Danny McCanney claim an even bigger winning margin, placing one-minute up on Rockwell. Walker again claimed third and Wood fourth while Scott Neil Chatham improved two places to claim fifth overall. Gareth Davies, Lewis Belfield and Brad King rounded out the top eight.

Manx rider Jamie McCanney and Australian Ben Burrell slogged it out for the Under 19 class win at round five with McCanney claiming victory some 11 seconds ahead of Burrell. With the two riders comfortably ahead of third placed Jordan Scott close to one-minute then separated Jack Rowland from Steve Holcombe, and Holcombe from Joe Deakin in fourth, fifth and sixth respectively. Round six saw Jamie McCanney finish over one-minute up on Burrell as the Manxman put in seven consistent special tests while Burrell made numerous mistakes. Jordan Scott again placed third with Jack Rowland fourth Steve Holcombe fifth and Joe Deakin sixth.

In the Expert class Tyson Maytom-Jones finished on top at round five closely followed by Oliver Hart. With just three seconds separating the pair in Tyson’s favour, on day two the tables were turned as Hart claimed a well-deserved half-minute winning advantage. Third on both days went to Steve Hunt who at round five was followed home by Richard Ely and Wyn Hughes while at round six finished ahead of Allyn Scotland and Ely.

Paul Davies claimed a comfortable winning margin in the Clubman class at the end of round five, placing ahead of Sam Gardener and Darren Osbourne. At round six Mark Houson secured victory ahead of Jesse Say and Davies.

Rounds seven and eight of the Husqvarna ACU British Sprint Enduro Championship take place at Adstone, Northants on May 28/29.

David Knight – Elite: ‘Everything went really well. I don’t get to ride hard-pack conditions very often, not in the UK anyway, so it was completely different to what I’ve been riding recently. I had a new bike for this event, a little different to what I’ve been riding, and it worked perfectly right from the off. I felt really comfortable on the bike, not pushing too hard, and was pulling good time on the other riders all weekend. I didn’t have any falls or problems all weekend. The test got faster and faster all weekend. As it turned out the test got really good, especially once a line cleared. It was the same on day two – once the line started to appear it was good and you could push hard. It’s great to see Manx riders doing well in all the classes. Eight 10-minute test on day one and seven on day two has been tough but it’s been a great work out.’

Jamie McCanney – Under 19: ‘Both days went really well. I got the Under 19 class win on both days, which was great. I made a few mistakes, but I’m sure all riders did the same. I wanted to improve on my performances from the last event and I think I did that. The track was good, with a bit of everything in it, but I didn’t have any problems with the technical stuff really. It’s been a great weekend, I’m really happy with the way it went.’

Danny McCanney – Under 23: ‘It’s pretty much been a perfect weekend for me. I won all my tests on the first day and everything went well. I thought the track was really good on both days. It did get really rough towards the end of the second day, but it was the same for everyone. On one of the tests on Saturday I clipped something and bent my gear selector under the clutch cover, which slowed me down a bit, but apart from that both days were really good, I’m very pleased with everything.’

Tom Sagar – Elite: ‘I didn’t think things were going to suit me but I’ve really enjoyed myself. The course was a good mix of all sorts, and although it didn’t really suit me it’s gone well. Although I’m carrying a few injuries, and would like to have been a little fitter, I’m happy with my results. I was expecting David to win, but like I said I’m pleased with my performances. I got some good championship points and am looking forward to the next round now.’

Daryl Bolter – Elite: ‘The first day was ok, but not great. The ground was so hard that it took a while for us to find the right set-up. I suffered with really bad arm pump during the first two laps, which made holding on towards the end of the laps incredibly difficult. Then on the third lap I had a big crash and managed to ride over myself. I hit a wall then and wasn’t quite able to get things going like I know I can. The second day was better, much better. We made a few changes to the bike and I was able to get into my rhythm. I ended up third, and right behind second, so I was really pleased with that.’

Aaron Poolman – Elite: ‘It’s been a really good weekend for me. I felt like things flowed a little better on the second day, and I got my best result then with a sixth in the Elite class, which I’m really pleased with. Conditions were pretty much perfect on the first day after the rain we had on Friday night. I felt that the extreme sections were just about right – not too easy, but not too hard. The first day was going ok but I had a few small problems towards the end of the day, like bending my gear lever. But day two was great, I put in good times all day and I’m really pleased to have finished sixth.’

Paul Edmondson – Elite: ‘It’s been a really good couple of days. I’d have liked my results to have been a little better but I think I showed a lot more promise on the second day, so hopefully at the next rounds I can get up there with the top three guys. It’s so competitive but if I’m honest it’s the young lads that are really shining at the moment. I’ve enjoyed the mix of motocross tracks and extreme sections. I was a little unsure when I walked the test before the first day but it’s been great. It’s been hard work but I’ve really enjoyed it.’

Ben Burrell – Under 19: ‘My weekend’s been absolutely terrible really. The event was great, the track was awesome, but I just kept crashing. The first day wasn’t so bad and after a poor opening test I kept plugging away and managed to get myself back in contention a little bit and finished second in the Under 19 class. But I spent the whole of day two on the ground. I’ll get myself ready for the next event and although Jamie McCanney’s riding unbelievably well, and will be hard to beat, I’ll give things my best shot. I think I can run with him, hopefully we’ll have some good battles.’

Jordan Scott – Under 19: ‘Day one went ok but I was sitting third all day and just couldn’t get the speed to run with the top two, I was about five seconds off every lap. Things were really rough at the start of the second day but towards the end, as everyone was getting a bit tired, I was getting faster, so I was happy enough. I got third again and really enjoyed the weekend.’

Jack Rowland – Under 19: ‘I had a good weekend with fourth in the Under 19 class on both days. I made too many mistakes on the first day and fell off on lots of slow corners so I really pushed hard at the start of the second day. I was riding really well and was second after four laps, which I was really pleased with. But then I got stuck on the tyres on the extreme section and lost 30 seconds, so I was gutted about that. Then I ran off the track on the next lap and lost even more time, so I ended up fourth and a bit frustrated. I was happy with my speed, I just need to work on getting everything else sorted now.’

Alex Rockwell – Under 23: ‘I’ve really enjoyed the weekend. My opening test on both days was pretty poor but I managed to up my pace and was pretty happy with things towards the end of both days. I feel like I’m getting back to where I should be but I just had no answer for McCanney. I had a few stupid crashes and made a few silly little mistakes but apart from that it was all good. We made some improvements with the bike, which I was happy with. No, it’s been a great weekend.’

Jonny Walker – Under 23: ‘I felt like I was riding well this weekend, and I enjoyed it. I wasn’t quite fast enough to keep with McCanney and Rockwell. I had two crashes on each day, which cost me a little bit of time, but it wasn’t too bad. I enjoyed the track and I’m looking forward to the next event now.’

Ashley Wood – Under 23: ‘It’s been a good weekend. Having a little rain before the first day helped but even though conditions were dry and dusty the track was still good. I had a good weekend but the three riders in front of me were really fast. Danny McCanney’s stepped things up again. I made one mistake on the second day, but I also enjoyed the second day a little better. When I crashed I damaged my clutch a bit and it started slipping, but other than that
everything went well.’

Images by 16 year old Lewis Lloyd MOTO’s Online Youth Editor – Click for bigger pics

Results – Husqvarna ACU British Sprint Enduro Championship 2011, Round five


1. David Knight (KTM) 1.19:41.46; 2. Tom Sagar (KTM) 1.22:57.69; 3. Si Wakely (Husaberg) 1.23:32.17; 4. Jordan Rose (Husqvarna) 1.24:26.16; 5. Daryl Bolter (KTM) 1.24:26.83; 6. Paul Edmondson (KTM) 1.24:37.16; 7. Jamie Lewis (KTM) 1.26:14.86; 8. Gavin Houson (Husaberg) 1.26:49.52; 9. Mark Roberts (Kawasaki) 1.26:54.97; 10. Ollie Moyce (Kawasaki) 1.27:10.56; 11. Lee Edmondson (KTM) 1.27:53.67; 12. Aaron Poolman (KTM) 1.28:17.75; 13. Jon Hinam (Husaberg) 1.28:45.15; 14. James Jackman (Husaberg) 1.32:38.11; 15. Matt Ridgeway (Yamaha) 1.33:34.89


1. Tyson Maytom-Jones (Husaberg) 1.30:14.95; 2. Oliver Hart (KTM) 1.30:17.87; 3. Steve Hunt (KTM) 1.30:48.89l 4. Richard Ely (Husaberg) 1.31:28.92; 5. Wyn Hughes (Husqvarna) 1.32:43.47; 6. Allyn Scotland (Suzuki) 1.34:28.51; 7. Mike Bailey (KTM) 1.35:25.26; 8. Danny Hall (Husaberg) 1.36:20.14; 9. Tudor Davies (KTM) 1.36:34.34; 10. Stan Watt (KTM) 1.36:36.81; 11. James Burroughs (Husqvarna) 1.38:00.72; 12. Adrian Lappin (TM) 1.39:36.52; 13. Tony Cotty (KTM) 1.40:21.44; 14. Nathan Etheridge (KTM) 1.42:02.78; 15. Marc Jenkins (Expert) 1.45:48.66; 16. Danny Andrews (KTM) 1.51:06.73

Under 19

1. Jamie McCanney (Gas Gas) 1.24:48.58; 2. Ben Burrell (KTM) 1.24:59.16; 3. Jordan Scott (TM) 1.25:49.08; 4. Jack Rowland (Husqvarna) 1.26:32.90; 5. Steve Holcombe (KTM) 1.27:40.48; 6. Joe Deakin (Husqvarna) 1.28:20.11; 7. Thomas Healey (KTM) 1.30:23.40; 8. Joe Jones (KTM) 1.30:34.14; 9. Josh Bendell (KTM) 1.31:36.48; 10. Frazer Norrie (Husqvarna) 1.32:27.39; 11. Aaron Smith (Husaberg) 1.34:19.29; 12. Stuart Owen (Yamaha) 1.34:57.28; 13. Joe Wootton (Kawasaki) 1.35:13.45; 14. Scott Altass (KTM) 1.35:35.49; 15. Tom Howe (KTM) 1.35:45.61; 16. James Dent (KTM) 1.36:58.82; 17. Daniel Price (Yamaha) 1.37:23.25; 18. Robert Johnson (Husqvarna) 1.39:21.05; 19. Gavin Rosser (KTM) 1.43:51.68; 20. Alex Green (KTM) 1.47:56.23; 21. Andrew Gorse (KTM) 1.53:09.30

Under 23

1. Danny McCanney (Gas Gas) 1.23:10.65; 2. Alex Rockwell (Husaberg) 1.23:32.32; 3. Jonny Walker (KTM) 1.24:07.55; 4. Ashley Wood (KTM) 1.27:15.65; 5. Brad King (Gas Gas) 1.29:08.16; 6. Jason Davis (KTM) 1.29:48.79; 7. Neil Chatham (KTM0 1.30:04.49; 8. Lewis Belfield (KTM) 1.30:59.71; 9. Rheinallt Davies (KTM) 1.31:20.04; 10. Daniel Beaven (KTM) 1.31:39.59; 11. Ben Wootton (Kawasaki) 1.31:56.56; 12. Gareth Davies (KTM) 1.32:04.05; 13. James Giddings (KTM) 1.32:45.90; 14. Ross Benton (KTM) 1.33:48.44; 15. Richard Tucker (KTM) 1.34:36.60; 16. Craig Reynolds (KTM) 1.34:36.79; 17. Tom Hirrons (Yamaha) 1.35:24.33; 18. Jack Turner (KTM) 1.38:52.84; 19. Freddie davis (KTM) 1.41:33.80; 20. Lee Green (KTM) 1.42:53.39


1. Paul Davies (KTM) 1.40:38.51; 2. Sam Gardener (KTM) 1.43:57; 3. Darren Osbourne (KTM) 1.44:09; 4. Tom Paulley (KTM) 1.45:04.58; 5. Jesse Say (KTM) 1.45:35.16; 6. Ryan Poolman (Kawasaki) 1.47:27.97; 7. Darren Morgan (Husqvarna) 1.48:14.80; 8. Andy Claxton (KTM) 1.48:54.25; 9. Phil Davies (KTM) 1.53:26.83; 10. Ross Jones (KTM) 1.54:24.09; 11. Darren Jones (KTM) 1.56:35.07; 12. Katy Bullock (Husqvarna) 1.58:12.60; 13. Jason Dare (Yamaha) 2.06:41.03

Results – Husqvarna ACU British Sprint Enduro Championship 2011, Round six


1. David Knight (KTM) 1.10:49.10; 2. Tom Sagar (KTM) 1.13:35.55; 3. Daryl Bolter (KTM) 1.13:44.92; 4. Paul Edmondson (KTM) 1.14:42;56; 5. Simon Wakely (Husaberg) 1.14:51.10; 6. Aaron Poolman (KTM) 1.15:27.97; 7. Ollie Moyce (Kawasaki) 1.16:21.38; 8. Mark Roberts (Kawasaki) 1.16:33.68; 9. Gavin Houson (Husaberg) 1.17:01.08; 10. Lee Edmondson (KTM) 1.17:03.93; 11. James Jackman (Husaberg) 1.26:49.31


1. Oliver Hart (KTM) 1.08:13.89; 2. Tyson Maytom-Jones (Husaberg) 1.08:43.16; 3. Steve Hunt (KTM) 1.08.46:47; 4. Allyn Scotland (Suzuki) 1.09:56.17; 5. Richard Ely (Husaberg) 1.10.31:60; 6. Mike Bailey (KTM) 1.10:49.68; 7. James Burroughs (Husqvarna) 1.11:48.63; 8. Wyn Hughes (Husqvarna) 1.12:36.68; 9. Tudor Davies (KTM) 1.12:50.76; 10. Danny hall (Husaberg) 1.13:22.11; 11. Stan watt (KTM) 1.14:20.11; 12. Tony Cotty (KTM) 1.16:34.75; 13. Nathan Etheridge (KTM) 1.17:48.25; 14. Marc Jenkins (KTM) 1.18:58.97; 15. Adrian Lappin (TM) 1.19:39.23

Under 19 class

1. Jamie McCanney (KTM) 1.14:21.31; 2. Ben Burrell (KTM) 1.15:29.51; 3. Jordan Scott (TM) 1.15:56.83; 4. Jack Rowland (Husqvarna) 1.16:01.46; 5. Steve Holcombe (KTM) 1.16:23.04; 6. Joe Deakin (Husqvarna) 1.17:23.62; 7. Joe Jones (KTM) 1.18:06.27; 8. Frazer Norrie (Husqvarna) 1.20:21.38; 9. Josh Bendell (KTM) 1.20:31.47; 10. Stuart Owen (Yamaha) 1.22:18.02; 11. Aaron Smith (Husaberg) 1.22:47.26; 12. Thomas Healey (KTM) 1.23:41.64; 13. Tom Howe (KTM) 1.23:47.52; 14. Joe Wooton (Kawasaki) 1.24:06.91; 15. James Dent (KTM) 1.25:28.63; 16. Daniel price (Yamaha) 1.29:06.53; 17. Garin Rosser (KTM) 1.29:23.20; 18. Alex Green (KTM) 1.34:47.41

Under 23

1. Danny McCanney (Gas Gas) 1.02:07.08; 2. Alex Rockwell (Husaberg) 1.03:02.92; 3. Jonny Walker (KTM) 1.03:33.90; 4. Ashley Wood (KTM) 1.06:44.63; 5. Neil Chatham (KTM) 1.07:20.64; 6. Gareth Davies (KTM) 1.07:32.19; 7. Lewis Belfield (KTM) 1.07:43.92; 8. Brad King (Gas Gas) 1.07:54.38; 9. Daniel Beaven (KTM) 1.08:20.19; 10. Rheinallt Davies (KTM) 1.08:29.78; 11. Ben Wootton (Kawasaki) 1.09:30.05; 12. Ross Benton (KTM) 1.10:23.37; 13. James Giddings (KTM) 1.10:56.99; 14. Richard Tucker (KTM) 1.11:10.40; 15. Craig Reynolds (KTM) 1.11:53.63; 16. Tom Hirons (Yamaha) 1.12:04.86; 17. Lee Green (KTM) 1.14:19.94; 18. Aaron Wells (KTM) 1.15:11.75; 19. Freddie Davis (KTM) 1.26:44.28


1. Mark Houson (KTM) 1.17:31.55; 2. Jesse Say (KTM) 1.27:31.55; 3. Paul Davies (KTM) 1.27:35.83; 4. Darren Osbourne (KTM) 1.29:53.51; 5. James Boyle (KTM) 1.30:57.46; 6. Tom Paulley (KTM) 1.31:25.79; 7. Andy Claxton (KTM) 1.32:49.15; 8. Ryan Poolman (Kawasaki) 1.34:45.07; 9. Darren Morgan (Husqvarna) 1.35:27.97; 10. Sam Gardener (KTM) 1.36:17.51; 11. Ross Jones (KTM) 1.42:25.37; 12. Nick Craigie (TM) 1.43:10.08; 13. Darren Jones (KTM) 1.44:42.64; 14. Tom Bush (KTM)


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