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Knight and Sagar make solid starts to BESC

Knight and Sagar make solid starts to BESC

When we arrived at the the first British Enduro Sprint round in Saints Well, Mid Wales the sun was shining and all was well on day one.
Unfortunately day two was a different matter altogether as the rain came during the night and pretty much stayed all day which meant day two was called to a premature halt.

Tom Sagar took the win from David Knight on a washed out day 2

Shame as riders such as David Knight, Tom Sagar and Greg Evans were enjoying the challenging circuit. Day one went to Knight but day two belonged to Tom Sager with Greg Evans finishing third on both days.

The beautiful location of Saints Well, Mid Wales was host to rounds 1 and 2

“The first test on day one was going well until I got cross rutted and had a bit of a crash,” explained David Knight. “I got back into the swing of things quickly enough and put in some good times on the next few laps then. As the day went on the track got a little rougher, which suited me better. The rain on the second day changed things a lot. I was trying to get out of the ruts in a lot of places but I’m not sure it was the best thing to do. I tried a few different things on the bike and although I lost some time on the first test I managed to pull most of it back again on the second. It’s a little disappointing not to have won the second day but it’s been good to ride in conditions that we don’t get any more.”

A battered and bruised Husqvarna 449 on day 1

Results Round 1
1, David Knight, Britain, KTM
2, Tom Sagar, Britain, KTM
3, Greg Evans, Britain, KTM
4, Simon Wakely Britain, Husaberg
5, Jamie Lewis, Britain, KTM

MOTO's own enduro bike tester bloke thingy Julian Challis looking a tad worried before his citing lap.

Results Round 2
1, Tom Sagar, Britain, KTM
2, David Knight, Britain, KTM
3, Greg Evans, Britain, KTM
4, Daryl Bolter, KTM
5, Jamie Lewis, Britain, KTM

Jordan Scott putting the TM 125 through its paces in the tough conditions of day 2
Simon Wakely finished 4th on day 1

Images by Ray Chuss


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